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Mini rant #1 😒

It seems like all I do is work. I’m not working towards my dream but just working to pay the bills. This is something I absolutely HATE! 151 more words


Lesson Learned

When you were young did you ever get lost or separated from your parents? Has this ever happened to your own kids? It’s a pretty scary feeling. 766 more words


Lost And Delusional

To be honest, these blog posts leave me drained. After every post I’m lying on my bed and I am lost. But I need to do this.. 440 more words



Some days I feel like a tourist

Right here, in my own town

All the faces of all the people,

Are new to me

All the buildings look out of place… 96 more words

Dicky J Loweman

Lost keys.. 🚘

I lost my car keys this morning. Turned the house upside down. Looked in my bag.. The bin.. The bathroom. You name it, I looked there. 43 more words


Where Is my Family ?

I search unto the future, where is my family ?

I glance back at the past, where are they ?

I look into the present, come on where is my family ? 180 more words

Broken Home

A Letter to Myself

It’s okay to be lost.

1. Look around at your friends. Or your peers. Or kids you went to high school with. There are two groups they fall into. 550 more words