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LOST - A Brief Reminiscence

When LOST premiered in 2004 I did something I’d never done before. I had DVR-ed (great verb) the pilot, sat down to watch it was so impressed by it that I started it over immediately. 89 more words


Find Me

I am sleepless tonight,
But I am tired like hell.
Everything seems to be fine,
Then why am I bruised?

I can’t see the light, 238 more words


The day you left

Life ain’t no fairytale
And no dreams of mine can be boxed
No fairy godmother, to come when I wail
The day you left, I became lost… 54 more words



Hi again, (or if it’s the first time you are reading my blog, then just Hi i guess)

Words can’t even begin to describe how I feel right now, it’s a feeling of nostalgia mixed with happiness I guess. 251 more words


Finding happiness again

She was the love of my life
Her smile a beacon in my night
For those brief days I had no strife
As her love shone forever bright… 140 more words


Alone with the paparazzi

Sunset on the boulevard
A Cosmopolitan cocktail in my hand
Eyes scouring for my bodyguard
For I’m the star of the band

The paparazzi watch my every move… 184 more words



Hey, don’t let the title scare you off. Buddhism was once a part of my life. When I was in prison, ***wait, yes I was really incarcerated here in this awful state of South Carolina. 400 more words