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Five minutes, five days, five years no matter what their age…let relationships manifest themselves the way they are meant to, they have an organic destiny. 36 more words


tomorrow is not a promise

I was talking with my mom the other day about possibly hiring a life coach to help her achieve some of her life goals before she hits retirement. 906 more words

Photo Talk

The Bar

The bar that you set is high
With golden bottles of Jack Daniels
That raise the spirits up to the sky
And then chug them down like midnight rain in a graveyard of ghosts… 285 more words


Impossible Madness

Why does it feel like I’ve lost you
when you aren’t even dead?

Why am I the only one
who wants to make amends?

Why does it have to be so hard… 206 more words



Now that I’ve submitted the third draft of my second novel, I have once again found my mind meandering to novel number three.

The scene that follows flashed into my mind when I read… 547 more words

London Girl

London Girl

I still have that photo somewhere, the one of you dancing on the bandstand in your new purple coat and matching lipstick, the day you had your hair bleached and shaved. 127 more words

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