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but, why?

But why is the sun visiting Australia now?

But why is it time for the sun to go to Australia?

But why does time keep passing?

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I have finally disintegrated
the crumbs of my skin break apart
where your lips touch them
oh, how to describe the agony of
drifting far away from the work I… 20 more words


on the ninth year after my mother's death

I had to think about how long it’s been. Actually, I had to look at the chart I have of family birthdays to remember exactly how old the grandson is who was born right before my mother’s death. 372 more words


The Pieces Come Together

I will have you know that I am actually getting that “wall” art project done! I mentioned it in a long ago post called “Giving Away Grief”. 861 more words

Not a good day.

Today was not a good day. We met with our grief counselor this morning, which I always look forward to. About halfway through the session I just started crying, and I don’t think I stopped until 2pm. 267 more words

Baby Loss


Glass full of red wine,

Placebo to fulfill the soul,

Glass and soul empty.


life changing in the blink of an eye

******WARNING: this blog post may be triggering or upsetting as it relates to my experience with losing my mom and uncle in a fatal car accident.****** 2,971 more words