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Standing in the Rain: The Bright Side of Being Let Down by People You Care About

Be wary of those friendships that seem to go just one direction. Be wary of those friendships in which you seem to be putting in all the effort. 415 more words


Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Thomas

Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Thomas,

Hi, this is your nineteen-year-old self. How are you? I want to start this letter by saying that, yes, you still write embarrassing super personal blog posts three years from now. 1,093 more words


As I Remember

Men speak of phantom sensations where once were limbs

That severed are no more, but may prick or throb no less than

When they were; as dreams awaken distant pasts and place us… 67 more words



I remember all of the days

We were by each other’s side

Never looking back

Always pressing forward

Keeping each other in line

Understanding the vents… 119 more words


the price of my patience

that baby down the hall

she is crying

I can tell from her voice that she is no more thanĀ 4 weeks old

I can tell that she is probably being changed… 173 more words


The Vegan Experiment

Somewhat strange, for someone who has been hugely appreciative of burgers and delicately fried chicken for so long, my first post happens to be about a plant based diet. 1,003 more words


you missed brunch

the wolfpack got together at my house before we went back to uni. brunch, like we used to do in Malta. B made her eggs, R made the pancakes, G&T did the washing up (terribly and clogged the sink). 48 more words