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I’m not sure that the words will ever be enough to express what it meant to me. Not only the smiles and the warmth. Not just the faith that was expressed through open hearts and free flowing emotions. 376 more words

Paradise Drift

Where are you, Sarah?

My sister slept and the crows
came to ask cawing in my ears,
Where is she? Where is she?
And I could only answer with tears, 69 more words


Ultra HD

Ultra HD. I just started playing around with HD in photoshop CS6, I’m not too sure if I like the outcome? I shot this today @ Rookwood Cemetery today, 26th 4 2015.

Urban Photography

How Travelling Helps Me Deal With Loss

There’s an old saying that “travel broadens the mind” and I think this is true. The main reason I initially decided to travel Australia in 2013 was because I wanted to seize the opportunity that my brother’s wedding handed to me. 1,075 more words


Do Any Weight Loss Wonders Exist?

Do Any Weight Loss Wonders Exist? Exercising is similarly promoted as a weight-loss marvel. Hypnosis and directed meditation is also now winding up being in truth popular in weight reduction circles. 145 more words

We Grow Strong Alone

(Em – C/E – D7 – Gmaj7/D )

The greens of spring are not as bright as last year

Now this hollowness spits out inner me… 166 more words


You don't write to me, so you write through me  

You sound like I wake up in the middle of the night, a somnambulist, who deadwalks to my computer to write.
You sound like me bleeding quietly in the dark. 248 more words