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For Stephen

I lost my son 3 years ago on March 17th.  My 17 year old daughter, at the time, lost her brother.   A stepfather, father, stepmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, step-brother and sister, as well as many friends, co-workers, and his beloved students all suffered this loss immensely as it was so unexpected. 270 more words

Loss Of A Child

19 Months Without Amy

19 months later … I am beyond sad.

I seem to have misplaced my rose-colored glasses.  Definition of rose-colored glasses: Optimism, the tendency to see things in an unrealistic positive light; rosy retrospection, the tendency to view past events in positive light.   615 more words


For what won't be

There is a sentiment that says that to mourn for what you never had is pointless. That grief for losing something that never was is just ridiculous self-inflicted misery. 317 more words


Two months ago my niece Bobbie, a young mom of two daughters, was taken from us by a horrendous asthma attack that left her brain-dead, forcing her parents and husband to remove her from life support once all hope was gone. 790 more words

Spring firsts...

Surely Spring will arrive at our doors soon. With it comes new beginnings, new life and hopefully some peace. This is what we normally expect from this season. 204 more words

Sunday will never be the same

Every Sunday for the past 132 Sundays, virtually without fail, my best friend has texted me a prayer at 10:14 p.m.
I say “virtually” because he missed a Sunday in May 2013, when he was hospitalized for heart surgery. 655 more words

It takes more than intention...

If someone ever looked into the bottom of my closet, they would find numerous books which were bought to enlighten me and keep me moving with a healthy mind, body and spirit. 486 more words