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noun 1. the outline of a solid figure as cast by its shadow.

The silhouette moved slowly down the hallway. If only I could slow my manic mind down to this speed, she thought, as she began another day in the life. 823 more words

Another ER Visit ... Only Two Weeks Left

Yesterday marked exactly two weeks until we leave! So surreal. Yet extremely exciting!

Over the last three weeks since we sold the majority of our belongings so much has taken place. 452 more words

Before The Move


My beautiful, extraordinary little girl would be 18 today. It’s nearly 13 years since she left, and the family she knew has changed. This morning we all got ready for our days without a mention of Juliette. 313 more words


Burying a child is not the natural order

I read this mothers blog. And cried. And cried. We are not meant to have to do this.


‘Love sometimes comes like a dream & leaves like a nightmare’


raising children isn't for the faint of heart....proof #2: CODY

Everyone has probably heard someone with more than one child say about one of their second, third or fourth children, “if he/she had come first, there wouldn’t have been anymore!”. 1,674 more words

Loss Of A Child

A letter to Glenn

Dear Glenn,

15 years ago tonight, I was trying to get a good night’s sleep but your mommy was fighting me, every step of the way. 1,111 more words


What grief takes

Grief takes a lot. It steals away parts of who you are in a way that few things can. The heaviness of loss buries parts of me so deeply now that I am starting to wonder if they will ever see the light of day again. 577 more words