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Disney World! Aka - The Vacation that Actually Was!

Vacations, for me, in the past were always fraught with worries about one thing: walking.

Having Lymphadaema and being significantly heavier than recommended by 3 out of 4 docs (the last doc being dead, of course) meant that I would have to endure hours of ambulatory-hell coupled with the after-hours pain of my “fun” “vacation.” 329 more words

Rolling with the Punches

Fun filled weekends are what most people live for, but they provide their own form of challenges when attempting to lose weight.  Thankfully, I feel I’m FINALLY getting a hang on rolling with the punches!! 792 more words


Mini Snickers and Coffee with Bailey's for Breakfast

I don’t think I’ve ever questioned why I am fat. I’ve been the fat friend my entire life, no matter my size. This isn’t going to be me ranting about how bad overweight people have it and how fat kids tend to be bullied. 658 more words


How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

Many people have tried to lose weight and failed. For three days, not more than salads, jogging, and protein bars. They do not know how to motivate yourself to lose weight, therefore, do not see why they should try again. 349 more words

Losing Weight

Successful Weight Loss : What Are You Up Against?

To make you lose weight successfully, you need to know exactly what they are against. There are billions of dollars spent each year on marketing, targeting every dollar. 359 more words

Weight Loss

After CrossFit Open 15.5

How I feel after completing CrossFit open 15.5

I did the CrossFit Open 15.5 yesterday. I will wrap up how it went in tomorrow’s write up. 150 more words


Silly Sunday...

Above is a screenshot of a post I just made on my Facebook account. It’s really rather silly but it was fitting because that man did make me smile with his singing. 23 more words