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Advice For People Losing Their Faith & Facing Deconversion

I’ve received a few private messages from people who are struggling with their faith and questioning how to make it through the process. I wanted to make a public post for any lurkers out there, who may not have mustered up the courage to reach out to someone yet. 1,243 more words

Existential Crisis

When There Is No Heaven

Today would have been the birthday of a baby…a baby who was never born. A baby I miscarried many years ago. Today is the day, every year, I would light a candle for this child, … 77 more words

Existential Crisis

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Dear Church,
We’re breaking up with you. And here’s why:
For approximately 10 years we’ve tried to fit in. We’ve attended Bible Studies, Life Groups, Book Clubs, Dessert Nights, BBQ’s, volunteered in various capacities, etc. 1,003 more words

Church Crap

The story of my deconversion

Having someone that understands you, and has been where you’ve been is so important in life.  It’s almost like what the bible calls, “Flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bones”.  1,779 more words

Losing My Religion

When a Pastor Needs A Pastor

As I’ve said many times, I never wanted or intended to become an atheist.  Just after I got over denying my atheism I tried to make one last go of faith to at least see if I was wrong about God’s nonexistence.   2,760 more words

Coming Out

This Is Why I Don't Belieb In God

I make a lot of really serious decisions based on what I see on Twitter.



TAB (The Author’s Blog) is known for it’s creative revolutions and we are here to deliver you the best and hence we are back with another of our latest Gambit! 226 more words

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