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I Thought I Saw You Try, But That Was Just A Dream

I’m at a café with my sis, trying to get my national speech done.. how it is going is pretty much like this.

 wearing my… 73 more words


Losing Our Religion in the Wild Cow

In January of this year, my husband Kurt and I visited the fiercely happening metropolis of Nashville, Tennessee. As we waited for our food at a little vegetarian eaterie in East Nashville called the Wild Cow, REM’s classic “Losing My Religion”, came on over the restaurant’s sound system and the rest, as they say, is history . . .


Rockin' The Gregorian Chant

In a writers’ group on Facebook, an author commented that any piece of music can be covered in any style of music because that’s the way music is.  425 more words

Elyse Bruce

Religious Conditioning, & A Message To My Proselytizers

Siriusbizinus mentioned in a comment on my last post how a lot of my problems are due to extensive religious conditioning. I completely agree. Say the phrase, “you’re full of pride and sin” to me, and my conditioning makes me internally repentant and ashamed. 607 more words


Repent, Ye!

Every morning when I’m coming out of sleep, religious words, prayers, and ideas are on my mind. I’d trained myself to wake up like this for four decades, and apparently I can’t un-train myself no matter how hard I try. 429 more words


Prayer and Relapse

I’m part of a community that works with men who are addicted to substances.  When I first started working with them I learned a valuable lesson, relapse is part of recovery.  385 more words


It Is Finished

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my hands lately due to a RA flare up. Fine motor is difficult (things like typing/using utensils, etc), but gross motor is somewhat ok. 154 more words