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R.E.M. - Losing My Religion (1991; Out of Time)

Dann, wenn nach Wochen und Monaten der Düsternis der Himmel über Zürich mal wieder blau erscheint, dann wenn sich die Temperaturen zum erstenmal im zweistelligen Bereich einfinden und man sich seltsam “zappelig” fühlt, dann wenn man auf der tragbaren Festplatte die verschrobenen und verbitterten Songwritter gegen die süffigen und grossen Melodien des sogenannten perfekten Popsongs eintauscht, ja dann darf wohl vom ersten Frühlingstag 2015 sprechen. 18 more words

Song Des Tages

Anger Rising

As I move through this experience of losing my faith, coming to terms with the fact that I’m an atheist, then losing everyone I love because they think I’m the devil, I find anger rising in me. 686 more words


The Law of Magic

Depending on how you see things, the words “law” and “values” could seem to be very much the same, or very different from one another. 1,848 more words


Daddy left his Bible on my dresser,
each night,
after bed time prayers.
Funny how he never read it,
just a prop for Mama,
comin up those stairs. 267 more words


Coming Out As An Atheist...The Downside

A few posts ago I discussed how coming out as an atheist has been helpful to me (read here). Ultimately I believe living in truth and being authentic is the only way to go. 1,442 more words

Existential Crisis

How Seasoned Atheists Can Help New Unbelievers

I was a devout catholic for 41 years…then my faith crumpled like a tin can. People coming to grips with their disbelief (I’ll call them “new unbelievers”) may seek out seasoned atheists for support and information. 998 more words

Existential Crisis

The latest: A Time to Keep and a Time to Throw Away

I’m looking over my early notes for “Turn, Turn, Turn” – pages of thoughts, phrases, ideas, scriptures and references I hoped to turn into something of value. 1,585 more words

My Story: Turn, Turn, Turn