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Just Let Me Hide

I prefer darkness. I feel like maybe if it’s dark enough somewhere and I’m alone with my thoughts.. There can be no judgement. There’s no one to tell me my feelings are invalid. 355 more words

Maid needed full-time with no benefits

So I was up late and couldn’t sleep. I am up and its the middle of the day and I can’t work up the energy to clean this messy house. 106 more words


how do people know if they’ve lost it? insanity is internally consistent. whenever i go outside i’m wearing my sanity like a cheap halloween mask. reality has cracked and it’s spewing its insides all over me, everything is unraveling right in front of my eyes and i don’t know how to keep any of it together.

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Reading a Butterfly

He actually showed me blotched ink!
It was the best laugh I’d had in half a century
I was doubled over, symmetrically
The axis is showing herself… 55 more words

always alone

I’m fed up. This week has been shit. The kids have been hard work. Every morning we’ve run late because of the same arguments and the same lost clothes/lunchboxes/shoes etc. 369 more words

‘Losing It’ by Helen Lederer - An Interview and Book Review

This article was first published on The Huffington Post – 12 February 2015

Helen Lederer’s comedy novel Losing It is released by Pan Macmillan this week. 695 more words


Losing It

You love YA, right? Duh! But sometimes you wish your favorite YA novels had a little  more… spice. 22 authors of your favorite YA novels have gathered together in this anthology to reveal what goes on when the scene fades to black.  625 more words