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People go nuts and many times for no reason at all. I am not interested as to why they lost it, but only how their losing it crosses over into societies worlds. 937 more words


And here comes the crazy!

My weird mopey mood has dissolved into raging, fuming anger! Works been massively boring and all of a sudden my ‘something doesn’t feel right’ sense is tingling. 72 more words

Strange bedfellows - Helen Lederer and Peter Tatchell at Swindon Festival of Literature

As double bills go, it was an unusual one. Comedienne and actress Helen Lederer is the go-to gal if you want a dotty posh woman in your TV show or film. 823 more words


Let's Talk About Sex...Scenes

I am currently writing a Young Adult dark urban thriller, horror. It was suggested that maybe I give my main character some…loving. Normally, I would never write a sex scene. 1,806 more words

5 [weird] things you see during finals

1. A woman and a dog walking around FML.

I don’t mean the first floor, I mean literally wandering around the 2nd floor stacks with a dog. 385 more words

Sanity where did I put you?

Hey it’s hard to focus on the present when the past makes you want to cry and the future makes you nauseated.  I’m doubting everything.  Did I make the right choices… 258 more words

The first.

I had my first real boyfriend (V) when I was sixteen. He was douche. Even at the time. But I thought that was normal behaviour. … 795 more words