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Nothing to lose when all is lost

I have forgiven myself

No saint or sinner

I am drenched in self-doubt

Hopeless is my everyday direction

But sometimes I am new

Born and raised in triumph… 46 more words


Ash Wednesday or Chiquita Banana Wednesday? A CrossRoad

Today is a conundrum for me. A day of decision. A day that leads to the cross for many is leading to a crossroad for me. 794 more words

Growing up, or falling away? Hebrews 6

Today’s reading: Hebrews 1-6.

“What happens when a believer turns away from God?”

The author of Hebrews wrote to a group of Jewish Christians who were struggling with persecution. 937 more words

Bible In One Year Devotional

Grieving For God

Earlier today I was going to Tweet something along the lines of: “The sad truth is that I don’t tell God I love Him because it’s true; I do it so that I’ll hear it back from Him.” 331 more words


Child of the World - Counter-act

Most natural action of one who is losing faith  is to withdraw into one’s shell. However the following article from  E-How   on “How to Cope with Losing Faith” encourages one to reach out – to God, to others,  to a friend of the same faith. 782 more words


asking questions with an open heart

I asked a lot of questions in church last Sunday.

I didn’t raise my hand. I didn’t state them to the priest in charge in front of the congregation. 754 more words

My #1 Reason for disbelief in God.

Both of my top two reasons for my loss of faith in God were anthropological and came to me out of my own experience and exposure to the real world during our time living overseas as missionaries.   49 more words