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The red brick wall

Duration: 4 HR

Daily distance: 934 M

Distance to go: 1,278 M

Temperature:-15 °C

Wind chill:-45.5 °C

Wind speed: 40 MPH

Altitude: 10,499 FT

Once again I’m sat in my tent, the walls wavering in the wind. 357 more words


Breaking up with God

There is a danger in sharing your struggles with a Christian, and I should have seen it coming. But at the close of the conversation, when she asked to pray for me, with me, I felt the panic of paralysis in a busy intersection. 554 more words

Nothing to lose when all is lost

I have forgiven myself

No saint or sinner

I am drenched in self-doubt

Hopeless is my everyday direction

But sometimes I am new

Born and raised in triumph… 46 more words


Ash Wednesday or Chiquita Banana Wednesday? A CrossRoad

Today is a conundrum for me. A day of decision. A day that leads to the cross for many is leading to a crossroad for me. 794 more words

Growing up, or falling away? Hebrews 6

Today’s reading: Hebrews 1-6.

“What happens when a believer turns away from God?”

The author of Hebrews wrote to a group of Jewish Christians who were struggling with persecution. 937 more words

Bible In One Year Devotional

Grieving For God

Earlier today I was going to Tweet something along the lines of: “The sad truth is that I don’t tell God I love Him because it’s true; I do it so that I’ll hear it back from Him.” 331 more words


Child of the World - Counter-act

Most natural action of one who is losing faith  is to withdraw into one’s shell. However the following article from  E-How   on “How to Cope with Losing Faith” encourages one to reach out – to God, to others,  to a friend of the same faith. 782 more words