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Fact: life has gaps. Once in a while you’re going to find yourself laying in bed with a pile full of crap, including but not limited to books/food/porn/anything other than a human body, thinking “Damn. 548 more words

gird by seas

Soaring high above the clouds somewhere between Pennsylvania and upstate New York. Eagerly peering out the window, watching the ground darken and glisten beneath me as the sun bathes it in a shimmery golden glow. 546 more words

Letters To Maria

Some words from the father of the bride

Hello, my droogies. This isn’t really an SD post, though I know a lot of you hope to marry some day. I thought I’d share this. 688 more words

Sugar Daddy

your grass is green

life. it’s a tough one isn’t it? tough to get everything checked off that mile long to-do list. tough to get your priorities straight. and most of all, tough to feel accepted all the time. 667 more words

Food For Thought


Belive me when I say I am a loser, not even a good one. By not good one I mean that I am not smart or have a hidden talent that is not ‘cool’. 439 more words

Track Of The Day - Loser By Beck

Psychedelic Country anti-Folk Hip-Hop. Yep. That’s what I’m giving you today. Today’s track comes from the incredibly talented recording artist Beck who most people know as the… 80 more words

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