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Hump Day

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Well its that time again so here it is a new funny clip to get u over the hump!


WTFAW: Harry Potter (Pt. 2)

Ladies and gentlemen,

Seeing as nobody has tried stabbing me with a wand and I haven’t been bludgeoned to death with a quidditch-bat, I think it’s safe to, once again, take a look at the utter insanity that is fan theories about Harry Potter. 3,162 more words


J.K. Rowling Sent The 'Harry Potter' Fandom Into A Frenzy After Revealing A Character's Full Name

Harry Potter fans far and wide went into a frenzy earlier this morning when author J.K. Rowling revealed a nugget of new information regarding one of… 670 more words


Story Elements Series: Character

An article by Christopher Moore

Plot, narrative, language, setting, and character –all of these elements together comprise a story. A great story should touch on each facet. 617 more words

River Ram Press

The power of fear, and the triumph of words.

If I asked you to think of something or someone whose name is so terrible, so odious, that you could not even mention it, what would you think of? 279 more words

Uncommon Words