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uncovering the true amazing ending of Middle-Earth : Shadow Of Mordor


Shadow of Mordor is one of the leading games in the world right now especially because of its amazing story that it’s not easy to understand .it takes place in the world of Tolkien , between the time of the lord of the rings and the hobbit and monolith productions did know how to use it to their advantage .The story of the game continue the get you excited until the .well that what people think .To understand the true ending of this game you have to understand the whole story and understand the role of the characters and of course understand the role of the master of the game the true antagonist Celebrimbor . 1,028 more words


Fantasy in Real Life

When I was a child, I loved fiction. I loved to read and would devour books. As I got older, I got into non-fiction. I love learning more about the things that catch my interest. 122 more words


A Dummy's Guide to Lord of the Rings

I was outraged over Christmas to discover that my brothers had never seen the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. It was a scandal! So I roped them to the couch, plugged in the movies, and tossed the remotes out the window so no one could stop it. 2,486 more words



It’s New Zealand’s biggest tourist attraction, so how could I return to the UK without visiting The Lord of the Rings movie set in Hobbiton! 140 more words



Lotro spring festival has been delayed a bit, It will now start on June 9th, which yes it is still spring… but late! I made this outfit with a spring-y theme in mind, and decided to go color crazy too. 118 more words