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'Looking' react: HBO's dramedy gets grieving right

Season 2 | Episode 7 | “Looking for a Plot” | Aired Mar 1, 2015

There wasn’t very much Richie or Kevin in tonight’s… 664 more words

The skill set of an art historian- and how to teach it. Part 1: site visits #teachingrenaissance

The blog has had to take a bit of a backseat while term has been going on, but as modules have settled down now for the second semester, now seems as good a chance as any to muse about some of my observations from last term. 1,699 more words


What loving is

Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Quotes of the Week From Daily Show, Looking, Modern Family and More

Welcome to March, the month that inevitably makes you say, “For the love of all that’s holy, why is this year flying by so quickly?!” 116 more words

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There are many people who constantly find themselves in the exact same types of relationships. I know many who have broken up with significant others only to go right back into other bad relationships. 432 more words

Gay Guy, 27, Manila

Today at 6 a.m., I had a very good conversation with a friend about dating. Dating, in this day and age, in our generation… and age. 1,152 more words