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I Can Wait Forever

Another day without you with me is like a blade that cuts right through me…but I can wait. I can wait forever.

I saw him first in a photograph that my best friend sent me.

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Hometown haiku

Old streets remind me
I did not know compassion
When I walked them then.

One Day

I want to one day

be happy with who I am,




there has to be a name for this

surely there is a label for something

that can tear a person apart.

my fingers itch and so do my eyes… 36 more words


Wanting What We Missed

I miss what could have been but wasn’t.

I miss the conversations we never had.

I miss staying up until 2am or later, collapsing into each other. 100 more words

* this poem is still a work in progress, but i wanted to share it as is for now

Your position is enviable
Elevated above the mundane… 74 more words


ऐ हवाऐ उसे मेरा पेगाम पहु़ंचा देना (With English Translation)

ऐ हवाऐ उसे मेरा पेगाम पहु़ंचा देना…

ऐ हवाऐ उसे मेरा पेगाम पहु़ंचा देना,
आज शाम उसे छूकर जब तुम गुज़रो,
उसके बाल ज़रा मेरी और से सहला देना…