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Mixed Words

Your mouth tastes like
summer and sunlight
under a bright blue sky.
I can’t keep my fingers
out of your hair
and I wonder why… 151 more words



Have you ever experienced loss? The kind of loss that overwhelms you and you can’t really describe it any other way but a feeling that makes you feel heavy, weighs you down but at the same time you feel empty. 668 more words


The weight of love

How much does love weigh?
Enough to keep a light heart from floating away?
Nourished by absence,
It grew heavier
Day by day
And although neither promised… 11 more words



There are needles in haystacks
I want to find
Hard to reach, hidden among
The painful points
Of memories that poke me
Though left behind… 29 more words

My Poetry

Letters I'll never send - 1 

I’ll be fine. Every writer needs a heartbreak. I’m just kind of sad it had to be you. The pain is somehow 10 times worse. But you dont have to worry about me, I’ll be fine. 96 more words


Carry Me

I bring in my cupped hands
barely a swallow of water
thick with salt —
I carry it to you from
across a sea of longing… 163 more words


Free Verse # 281 (the garden of her smile)

Black as the night the rain falls
effacing all my poems,
liquefying their bones
into breath and shadow,
creatures prowling
the deep dark of the sea. 113 more words