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A Continuum: My Revelation of Rhetorical Identity

I glance at my high school rhetorical experiences and peer into what the future has in store for me as a college student writer. I wonder how I can move on from my rhetorical struggles in high school in order to “arrive” as a successful college rhetor. 1,846 more words

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Freedom Found Through Journaling: A Rhetorical Analysis

A slave to the assignment and confined by a paralyzing case of writers block; this was me. I would sit, stare, type a word, backspace, sigh, stand up, stretch, say a quick prayer, and repeat the process. 1,821 more words

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Farewell Pt. 2: Sort-Of "Passing" AKA Blending in Taiwan

**NOTE**Before I tumble down the rabbit hole of racism and sexism in Taiwan v. Greater Asia or the United States, I want to pause and remind anyone reading this, that I’m focusing on specifically my OWN experience. 2,877 more words


Letter to a Young Friend: Advice from Novelist Edie Meidav

Dear young friend,

First, can I say I love you? And then that you are beautiful?

These statements seem out of bounds only if you stop reading right here. 2,822 more words

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One Moment at a Time

One day at a time.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase. It is the mantra of many recovery programs and the theme of several great songs. 310 more words


The Role Of "Luck" And "Randomness" In Predicting The Future

How would you rate your ability to predict the long-term future? Quite Well, Average, or not at all.. If the last one, you’re not alone. The most impactful events on human life are usually the ones we never see coming. 1,122 more words


Being followed (part 10)

Lee has got back to his car. He was aroused. He closes his eyes and thinks about Mandy. He was close to get her to want him. 895 more words

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