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The Impact Of A Long Lifespan.

This is something that came to mind after a discussion with a friend about the guns and use thereof in Feathered Touch. Alex, Lee, and Thalia are all very old. 579 more words


How to live long and prosper: Tips from real-life supercentenarian pros

On your next birthday, take a moment to reflect on your lifestyle choices. Do you eat healthily and get plenty of exercise? How are your sleeping habits? 724 more words


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Tips for living a long life from supercenternarian women who have lived past 110 years. Lots of sleep features as a big thing. Also, sushi, bacon, raw eggs and no husband.

Longevity is Not That 'Sexy'

‎As I saw this movie played on TV, I was desperately thinking what novel I could pick as an object of study. The end of my post graduate study was drawing nearer, which frustrated me in some way because nearly everytime I attended classes in the third semester, everyone else seemed to have chosen one piece of literary work they truly like and would spend much of their last semester for studying it. 558 more words


Do you Want a Long Life?

Abraham’s camp near the oaks of Mamre is identified in Genesis
14:13 and 18:1-8.

When Abraham was about 75 years old, God directed him to leave his home in Haran. 547 more words

Bible Plants

Weekly Poem #102


Something knocked against the back of my eye,

Some world-ending firestorm decades into the distance.

Fastened into my cocoon, I could reach it, if I chose to. 246 more words


Healthy Journey ; Day 61

You guys I never thought that I could ever go on a healthy journey that would last more than 3 weeks. 21 days have always been my maximum limit especially when that time of the month comes around I’m just ready to give up right on the spot. 194 more words


People who live the longest share 4 personality traits

If you were to guess how long your best friend would live, how accurate do you think you’d be?

Chances are you’d be pretty on-point, at least according to a… 464 more words