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Hair growth 101

Long, silky hair is all I’ve ever wanted since I was a child. Hollywood hair Barbie, Disney princesses and repunzel set pretty high standards for a little girl. 390 more words


New Hairstyle 

Cuz I think my duck face is cute :)

Long Hair Don't Care: Long-Lasting Hair Routine

Confession: I’ve only been washing my hair twice a week recently. Shock, horror! I discovered a power trio that seals my style all week and saves me time. 260 more words


12 Things Girls With Long Hair Know

I can almost sit on my hair. Not even joking – I’ve got ridiculously long hair. But there are certain things about it that we gals either love or suffer from and if you’re a fellow Rapunzel, then you’ll be able to relate. 1,098 more words


Back to work!

Woot-woot, I’m so happy to say that I’m back to work. Depression has finally loosened its grip, and though I’m still busy reconsidering who and what I am and find myself much less energetic than I’d like to be, I’m glad that I’m once again in the workshop. 119 more words

To my long hair

My dearest long hair,

It is time for a change. Now that the wedding is out of the way and considering how much we get on each other’s nerves when the weather is warmer, I think it is time that we say goodbye. 193 more words


I like Honesty 

if someone doesn’t provide me with honesty well let’s just say that’s the end of our relationship. That has happened to many people in my life, they mess it up once once , and out andaybeI’ll forgive them, they could be back but I won’t forget about the dishonesty . 12 more words