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One of the hardest parts about letting go of a relationship with a partner who supported you, believed in you, fed your soul, shared your successes (and commiserated about your failures) is the loneliness. 756 more words

Is Heaven unkind to man, and man alone?

Decided to do a little bit of blogging before bedtime…

I survived the first week of classes with little trouble.  So far I am keeping up and doing ok.   1,616 more words

Fiery Body (Spiritual Visions of Renewal), Day Twenty-Two Meditation


My mum left town and my brother went out. So I am sitting here alone in my parent’s big house feeling the weight of solitude and some nighttime anxiety. 381 more words

Haunted Love

Love in Exile
Mathilde Blind

Why will you haunt me unawares,
And walk into my sleep,
Pacing its shadowy thoroughfares,
Where long-dried perfume scents the airs,
82 more words


Peace Comes Slowly

My body fails
I allow it
I neither cut nor burn my flesh
My pain is far to real
Yet harm myself I do
One by one I stop my meds… 38 more words

One is the Loneliest Number

This weekend, I asked my friends on Thursday and Friday what were their plans for the weekend. I was answered with homework and studying. I told them that was boring and lame and instead we should do something fun and exciting. 376 more words


Love and Other Shits

I’m writing this because I’ve been sitting in the library for hours and have not been in the least bit productive. I figured maybe too much has been on my mind and it could use some clearing. 1,207 more words

Break Ups