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Everything is Incredible!

In the village of Siguatepeque, Honduras, lives a man named Augustin. Before the government gave free vaccinations to the children of the country, polio struck Augustin. 757 more words


Shouting into the void

Futile frustration reverberates through the chasms that lie

Hidden from view


Familiar tones echo in response

A suggestion that for once I am not alone in this place… 36 more words



Joyful and happy,
A sweet little girl,
Smiling and hopping,
Bouncing her curls.

Freckles and smiles,
Covered her face,
A soul full of innocence,
Then taken in haste. 160 more words

Starving for Security

I recently acquired a new friend. It’s a “he” and I like him very much. He’s a little eccentric but so interesting and unique. I enjoy listening to his thoughts and opinions and ideas. 641 more words

A Love for A Lifetime.

I’d have taken her place in Hell if I needed too.
I’d have chased any career she wanted me to pursue.
I loved her more than anyone or anything. 181 more words


Ode to YouTube

One of my favorite things to do is watch YouTube videos. You can learn different things, questions can be answered, a new hobby can be learned, you can discover new recipes, and even exercise. 106 more words


Loneliness - Our Very Real "Matrix"

“Let me tell you why you’re here,” said Morpheus. Neo looks on with skepticism and we hear the ambient sound of thunder and rain. Morpheus continues: 797 more words