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Moon Over Salzburg - On Spirituality and Coincidence

The last time I was single, I lived for a couple of years in Salzburg, Austria. I love that city and I’ve made a number of return trips over the years since 1978, the last year of my more-or-less permanent residence there. 756 more words

God's Language

Big Girls Cry

Tough girl,
In the fast lane,
No time for love,
No time for hate,
No drama, no time,
For games,

Tough girl,
Whose soul aches. 74 more words


Topsy Turvy

It’s topsy tervy world,
When my emotions are all a whirl.
Life takes past memories that were pleasant,
And changes them to the nightmares of the present. 62 more words


Loneliness and the stance of individualism

It seems that if someone';s lonely, the predominant stance that most people seem to hold is that it’s due to a fault on the part of the… 1,312 more words

Cultural Features

Day 11: Memories

Shadows of a distant memory,
in thine heart, concealed
speaks a tone
that i hear distinct,
yet fades, as time recedes.


Day 10: Life goes on

My heart is heavy and my breath is shallow. The dawn just broke, and I’m already struggling with my forlornness. It seized my day with a tight grip, and I walked under its shadows. 114 more words