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On loneliness.

Studies tell us that loneliness is bad for our health. People who report feeling lonely are 14% more likely to die prematurely than other people in the same age group. 835 more words

Mental Health


Loneliness is like a carried weight.
The further you go without a mate,
It drags you down and saps your strength,

Till your muscles shake under relentless strain, 79 more words



You open your eyes and you find yourself in a deserted place with a grey sky just like its about to rain heavily. You are panicked and unable to understand what’s happening around you. 212 more words


Lonely being sick 

Growing up, my brother and I couldn’t talk about being sick. Our parents could care less about how we felt emotionally or physically. We learned to self soothe, we learned to shut it, but it’s not human. 237 more words


A mum's take on loneliness - Or is it just boredom?

Its been 2 weeks since my last blog post.  I have thought about writing but when it came time to get thoughts out onto paper….. I had a case of writers block.  364 more words

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Becoming Unpopular At University

We’ve just met the end of our second week at university for 2015. A lot of the people I’m meeting in Student Life at the moment have just successfully completed their second week of university, ever. 1,128 more words


I Was Here: A Book Review

I am going to start off with a shout out to my wonderful mother for buying me not one, but three new books off of Amazon! 745 more words