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Schwarzchild Scream

Late night screams fall on deaf ears;
Either they just ain’t listening
Or they were never really here
To listen anyway,
Just to watch, observe, account… 144 more words


Friday night with friends once forgotten

So I sit here again,
With those voices thought banished,
Entertaining thoughts I once managed
To contain.
They’re there in my ear,
They prey on my fear, 121 more words


Alone & tears for someone you don't know.

With all the Lunar new year hype and visiting my family and loved ones, I feel really blessed and happy. Spending time with the aunts and uncles I can’t see that often makes me happy and reminds me of the live they have for me, and I, for them. 424 more words


I have one thing left

I have one thing left; a fridge.

It is the last remaining testament to a life of ‘owning’ things. Little does the fridge know however, as it unassumingly chills my wine and cheese, that it too will go. 608 more words


The nature of loneliness

Being lonely sucks.  It hurts and wrecks your self confidence.  Here’s how I’m dealing with it.

  • Fortunately I’m moving to a new city in six months, for a new job.  
  • 228 more words

Loneliness Can Do a Number on your Body

Loneliness can do a number on your body. I’m not sure I would’ve paid that much attention to this particular aspect of loneliness if Henlee Barnette had not pointed it out to a bunch of us chaplains at the University of Louisville Department of Psychiatry back in the 1980’s. 754 more words



I used to be a firm believer that loneliness was a quintessential part of the human condition.

I looked down upon my friends who were… 336 more words