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Lolitas Are Immature - Lolita Myths

I was unfortunate to overhear today someone commenting how ‘childish’ Lolita’s are, and I thought that the comment was in itself unfortunate. The concept of any fashion is to be wearing what makes you feel comfortable, regardless of what others believe around you, and I think that the Lolita fashion in particular emphasizes this truth very well. 197 more words


Mini-Goals for April

In March I didn’t quite meet all of my goals, but in April, I intend to further myself towards my resolutions for the year!

If you want to read the post where I set all of my goals for 2015, check… 226 more words


My Top 5 Books.

Along with New Media, I study English in University so obviously I’m an avid reader so what harm would a small list of my five favourite books do? 477 more words



I used to be really into lolita fashion, but I hardly ever wear it nowadays. Still, I just can’t let the clothes go. Here’s an attempt to wear lolita pieces in a non-lolita outfit. 43 more words


Issin Niyo

Hello dear readers! How are you?


Today I’d like to tell you about a lovely little cafe I’ve found in Nishi-Ogikubo called Issin Niyo. It’s one of the cutest I have visited, with a unique menu. 269 more words


3/28/2015 - Journal Post

Yay! It’s Saturday, today I made carrot cake and pink cream cheese frosting for tomorrow. Since everyone that’s coming to celebrate Easter this Monday, it was decided (somehow) that I would make my carrot cake. 182 more words


Lolita Fifty-Two Week Challenge: Week Forty-Nine

Week Forty-Nine:  My favorite Lolita print

I generally care more about the cut and design of a dress, or I choose not to buy an item because of a certain pattern, but I guess I could narrow it down to a couple of favorites. 65 more words