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her unfair amount of pillow

When Lolita opened her eyes again, I realized that whether or not the drug might work later in the night, the security I had relied upon was a sham one. 59 more words


Thirty Day Lolita Challenge: Day Four - 10 different kinds of food you like

Day Four:  10 different kinds of food you like.
–1.  Chocolate
–2.  Sushi
–3.  Tea Biscuits
–4.  Peanut Sauce
–5.  Gnocchi
–6.  Curry
–7.  REAL Italian Food… 7 more words

BJD Documentary - Lolita Interests

I found this video on YouTube of a ‘BJD Documentary’ that I thought was quite interesting and at one point in the video made a good observation.  76 more words


tedious vivisecting parties

I would find myself, dentures fractured or hopelessly mislaid, in horrible chambres garnies where I would be entertained at tedious vivisecting parties that generally ended with Charlotte or Valeria weeping in my bleeding arms and being tenderly kissed by my brotherly lips in a dream disorder of auctioneered Viennese bric-à-brac, pity, impotence and the brown wigs of tragic old women who had just been gassed.

Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita