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To the Future Generations of Telan's Angels...

06th March, 2015. 1:13pm

For today’s Daily Prompt, Time Capsule, the question goes:

What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?

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Daily Prompt

The Cookie Monster

Hello, the antics of, “Cookie” are legendary and she’s just getting started. Damn, what more can I say about Taraji P. Hensen’s portrayal of, “Cookie Lyon?” Don’t get me twisted, the entire cast from Empire are uniquely gifted and talented, so yea, the bar of scripted television had been raised again. 57 more words


Paalam, Lola

06th March, 2015. 6:57am

Today, at 6:30pm Manila Time, my Lola was finally laid to rest. It took 8 hours before she finally breathed her last breath, after everyone that gathered in her room finished praying the rosary. 396 more words


Ready For Bed

And this is why I wake up full of aches and pains. I’m sure I should probably make them go and sleep in their own bed but could you refuse those faces? 58 more words


cyclic behavior

I would say I’ve been unfaithful, but that would mean I was writing on some other blog and that isn’t it, that isn’t it at all. 117 more words


You light up my life...

Two seconds after taking this photo Lola told me to stop being sappy and get her a damn Twinkie…