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Instagram account where teacher shares her favourite quotes from her five-year-olds is SO GOOD

There’s nothing better than the wisdom of five-year-olds.

They’re like you but with no filter.

Which is what makes this new Instagram account so brilliant. … 378 more words


The original selfie?

Nothing new under the sun. Thanks to Kelvin Hudson for original post.

Link to a talented photographer’s site: http://www.kelvinhudson.com



– Changed tagline from -(I know it’s a minor change)- “It’s always darkest before the streetlights turn on.” to: “It’s always darkest before the searchlights turn on.” 251 more words

Here Goes Nothing

Hope you all enjoy the fun I’m about to have with this….

xoxo ~ KS


She Lived

I don’t believe in destiny or any of that bullshit. I don’t think that your life has already been planned out for you and that is just as good as it’s gonna get. 639 more words

Me: "Do my legs look fat?"

Dad: “No. You look pretty normal. They’re not skinny, of course.”



Wordpress Confusion? 😒

Alright ladies & gents! Im on the road typing this (NOT driving, yet) Just left work actually & I need some help!

This layout confuses the heck out of me! 15 more words