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Understanding digital archetypes in Generation X ,Y and Z !

Famous psychologist Carl Gustav Jung popularized the term ‘Archetype’ in social psychology and cultural anthropology through his observations on the primitive models of human mind that transcends the immediate neighborhoods of human life. 435 more words


La triade d'Aristote

Dans l’art du discours, la persuasion est très importante. Pour réussir, il faut convaincre son public avec son discours. Aristote a identifié trois éléments clés d’un discours convaincant. 185 more words


Working with GIMP

The GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP, is a well known and easy to use application for… Well image manipulation. So what’s the difference between  501 more words


Can You Draw the Apple Logo From Memory?

Corporate logos are designed to be not only recognizable but also memorable. So why is it that so few people are able to accurately reproduce logos when put to the test? 151 more words