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Idiotic Cartoon of the Day

So, the idea here is because natural disasters cause pollution, we shouldn’t be concerned about man-made pollution. Cartoonist Rick McKee uses and abuses his skill and gleefully steps in a stinking pile of the black-or-white logical fallacy – that if our health is threatened by nature, it therefore cannot be threatened by anything else – including ourselves.  48 more words


Beware the slothful induction

If ever there was a logical fallacy which seemed to epitomize intellectual dishonesty, it is slothful induction.

Slothful induction, sometimes called “ignoring the evidence,” is the fallacy whereby an inductive argument is denied its proper conclusion, despite strong evidence for the inference.  367 more words


No ad hominems you big dummy!

As elementary school students, we very likely, in a fit of playground rage, shouted a derogatory name at one of our classmates. Perhaps someone had just purposefully blasted our four-square ball to the other side of the street or maybe someone had just said that his dad was tougher than your dad.  925 more words


A Trivializing Pursuit

Yesterday my Facebook news feed revealed a meme comparing Hillary Clinton to Adolph Hitler. (I will not dignify the meme by linking to it.) Suffice it to say that I told the poster what I thought. 572 more words


Non Sequiturs and the Act of Invention

  Wikipedia: “Non sequitur (Latin for “it does not follow”), in formal logic, is an argument in which its conclusion does not follow from its premises.   499 more words


Clearly demonstrates a vague causative relationship

I have noticed recent posters on the walls in the building that I work in that talk about workplace violence: “Going to work shouldn’t be like going into a storm.” I have worked for the same company for 29 years, and in this building for the past six, and I have never witnessed anything close to violence. 794 more words

The “Science Babe” blogger might just be “full of shit” too...

Science Babe has recently posted an article slating many of Food Babe’s claims (http://gawker.com/the-food-babe-blogger-is-full-of-shit-1694902226). I can’t tell whether it is to make herself feel better about that Starbucks or whatever she is addicted to getting every single morning, even though she knows a healthier choice makes more sense… Or perhaps because she works for the very companies that provide the foods Food Babe condemns? 1,284 more words