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Rhetorical (Logical) Fallacies--a BRIEF overview

Review this website AND the long image it provides to better understand how logical fallacies look or sound. We are going over a few of these during class when we discuss chapter 16, but students still find it to be VERY difficult material. 18 more words

Playing the Pharisee Card by Todd Wilken

In Politics, we’ve learned to spot those who play the “racism card”, the “war on women” card, and the “nazi card”. We should all recognize these as bad arguments, and signs the one ‘playing the card’ has no argument and has resorted to… 282 more words

Christian Living

Rantings from the Bully Pulpit

The three e-mails below were received within a twenty-four hour period from a physician supporting (and in all likelihood involved in) drug courts and physician health programs (PHPs).   1,045 more words

Drug Testing

Are We Just Talking to Ourselves?

One of the banes of being philosophic lies in cultivating a crippling propensity to observe. It’s a bane because the marrow of some situations hides within a direct experience rather than making observations about it. 1,010 more words