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Article Review: Does Racism Still Exist in America?

RE: Katie Pavlich: America is not racist

Black outrage over racial inequality in America has come to the forefront of the national conscience with media coverage of riots in Baltimore and other cities and a white supremist’s terrorism of a black church in Charleston. 566 more words


Favorite Debate "Tactics"

Since I recently came up w/ a new panel idea & this relates, might as well write a “quick” post about it.

One of my favorite debate “tactics” when dealing with fandom related arguments is “your opinion doesn’t count b/c I said it doesn’t”. 541 more words

Random Rants

Daily WTF: Calling Others Bigots Because They Don’t Want to Be Friends With You Anymore

This week, the wife of a friend posted this article about how liberals are bigots and hypocrites because they unfriend people that don’t agree with them on issues such as Caitlyn Jenner, transgenderism, and assumedly other hot button liberal topics like Obama isn’t the devil, the Affordable Care Act is helpful and necessary, and women should have more rights than corporations. 684 more words

Daily WTF

The Origin of Specious Arguments

“Ad Ignorantiam,” or the appeal to ignorance, is a logical fallacy, where the burden of proof is placed on the wrong side.

It plays out like this – a claim is presented to A, and the burden of proof actually rests on side B. 779 more words


No True Godsman: A Simple Model of Morality and Exclusion

Facebook statuses aren’t really known for lingering on in the memory, yet a few days ago I saw one that really stuck with me and has been bouncing around my head ever since. 1,446 more words


Thanks for selling my info to your cronies, Sensenbrenner!

When I lived in Wisconsin, Jim Sensenbrenner was my U.S. Representative, so I wrote to him (as was my civic duty) about issues that concerned me. 464 more words