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When Believers Say They Have "Experiences"

The following is how I tend to respond to believers citing their own personal experiences as valid evidence for supporting their god beliefs.  Since believers often resort to other fallacious arguments surrounding this concept, I have included those refutations as well.   1,375 more words


Truth Be Told—Part 2: How Can We Know What Is True? - Facts, Arguments, and “Compulsory Figures”

            COMPULSORY FIGURES WERE ONCE A REQUIRED COMPONENT OF FIGURE SKATING COMPETITIONS —it’s how the sport got its name. Skaters carved intricate figures into the ice using the edges of the blades, demonstrating the skaters’ dexterity and control on the ice. 935 more words


Logical Gal - it must be true if 97% of scientists agree

Truth by consensus!

Now there’s a stable foundation for science and public policy!

When someone making an assertion offers as support the fact that the majority of experts back his view, then you know the arguer has no argument. 376 more words