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WIP ... pieces of plan for folly/anti-folly pier - the rear view mirror?

folly dispenser

logic gate 1?

logic gate 2 – charged

logic gate 2 – no charge (drift)


Intuition versus Logic

Lately, I have been dealing with a dilemma.   I warn those who do not wish to read about female issues to stop looking now.  My husband and I would like to start a family and last year after receiving and going through treatment for endometrial hyperplasia, I was put on hormonal birth control or in order to prevent further build up before my yearly testing.  182 more words

Random Ramblings

Peirce's 1880 “Algebra Of Logic” Chapter 3 • Comment 7.2

Because it can sometimes be difficult to reconnect abstractions with their concrete instances, especially after the abstract types have become autonomous and taken on a life of their own, let us resort to a simple concrete case and examine the implications of what Peirce is saying about the relation between general relatives and individual relatives. 399 more words


Battlefield of love...

Sunday, 19th of April, 2015

Being an optimist, I would like to believe that love can conquer all but unfortunately reality tells me otherwise and that it really doesn’t. 649 more words

Make Way for the Anthropocene

I’m just about to give a public lecture. It will be at Whanganui Regional Museum in a couple of days’ time. The talk is, with some modification, one that I delivered in Japan last month, as a guest of the National Museum of Nature and Science  in Tsukuba. 811 more words


Reason, Sensation, and Revelation

I recently had a discussion with someone online on the following subject, and thought I would post my response here.


Claim:  God has provided us with our senses and rational faculties in order that we might gain the knowledge that there is a God.   309 more words

Birthday Problem 2!

For Nelson and Dawn.

A harder version of birthday problem has appeared! David enters the conversation, and Cheryl decided to make things more difficult by adding more dates. 843 more words