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Day 227: in which I feel really, really stupid

I have never been very good with logic. I mean, I’m smart enough, I guess, but my brain doesn’t automatically make the connections that other brains do. 572 more words

'Preferences Aside', What's the True Tally of the Cost in Animals' Lives?

Wow… just wow (WARNING) Not for the Faint of Heart

Please watch THIS Video from Emily over at Bite Sized Vegan.

my comments on the Youtube Channel Comments Section for this Video… 313 more words


Riddle : The Man Working At The Gas Station

A man while at work in a gas station dreams that the gas pumps are leaking and the place will blow up.

Alarmed, he runs straight away to his boss, his boss checks the pumps and sure enough they are leaking. 10 more words


Because What If It Actually Works?

Hello my lovely readers, sorry for the no post day I just ran out of time.

When I was at an intensive theatre camp, I asked “Well, why try if it may not work? 187 more words


[SH&AC] Time Machine : #1


LONDON, UK – 2025

Aku memasukkan selembar uang dan sekaleng kopi dingin keluar dari mesin minuman. Aku mengambilnya dan meninggalkan tempat itu. Tanganku membawa sebuah berkas berisi foto dan data diri seseorang. 1,061 more words


A Truly Awful Novel

‘What is a truly awful novel like?’ Phyliss Rose poses this question in the last chapter of her book ‘The Shelf’. The candidate she selects is William Le Queux’s ‘Three Knots.’ . 150 more words


Why We All Need Logic

In college I took a class called Symbolic Logic. It was taught in the philosophy department and replaced a math class. I was amazed by the ability of verbal arguments to be reduced to symbols and then be proven true or false. 777 more words