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Arguing Religion

by Michael Lochlann

Atheists and agnostics love to argue with the religious. They try so earnestly to persuade, but accomplish nothing. Because they constantly, constantly make this mistake… 472 more words


Get Out of the Manure Pile Step 1

There is nothing like stepping out of your pickup after a long day of working and hearing the 20 head of calves crying (mooing) at you!  264 more words

Human Behavoir

Logical Causation

I came across a research article that brings a very important facet of research to the forefront. As human beings, I believe we are conditioned to look for cause and effect relationships in order to make sense of our surroundings. 369 more words

Why I am an atheist

If you haven’t noticed, I switch between my new topic often. Usually they alternate between religion and politics. I am an atheist liberal. I am an atheist activist and I am actually anti-religion. 837 more words


The theory of everything part -3

If space itself is also expanding, and beyond this space, ”the black background”, nothing exists, what is the expanding space, expanding into?   Science does not observe an actual expansion of space itself.   417 more words


What is Predicate Logic?

I have discussed a logical system called “propositional logic.” I will now discuss predicate logic, a system that is a bit more complex than propositional logic because it introduces predicates, quantifiers, constants, variables, and the universe of discourse. 1,285 more words