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Belief Systems

I’m moving forward and I think to myself, “Who do I have to thank? Myself?” It feeds my ego, but no. “My family?” Who I’ve come to believe aren’t much of a support. 133 more words


Attributions to His Loneliness

Welcome, to, another “application” of an already-written down theory!!!

Part I…the Internals…

In this view, that attributions to his loneliness is made, to not the external environments, not the interactions he’d shared, or lack thereof, with the world, and, in this view, the man (person???) is more than likely, to ponder on, how s/he could get her/himself, involved with the world all around, like getting more involved with the world, showing cares and concerns to the people that s/he comes across, thus, solving the ISSUES that are contributing factors that’s made her/him feel so lonely, and, in this way, the man (human) IS the one in control, of getting RID of her/his own feelings of loneliness. 457 more words


A Hundred Days to Happiness #21: Happiness in the Face of Stress

Stress is an essential part of everyday life. In fact, we need positive stress, or what Hans Selye called eustress, to move forward, grow and achieve our potentials. 419 more words


Locus Of Control Is Alive And Well In The Workplace

Regardless of whether or not you are interested in psychology, there is an idea in the realm of personal psychology that will follow you to the workplace and wherever else you go. 729 more words

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

Three types of conspiracy theory (CT) (Barkun, 2003):

  • Event conspiracies (E.g. JFK assassination)
  • Systemic conspiracies (E.g. Freemasons/Illuminati/Jews)
  • Superconspiracies (Multiple linking e.g. JFK assassinated by Freemasons to ensure US remained in Vietnam war so Illuminati could us captured UFO technology to fake moon landings so they could draw attention away from how fluoridising tap water was allowing the CIA to control minds of US populace…)
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Wits can be deceiving

I recently reconnected with an old classmate whom I haven’t seen or spoken with in ten years. In the course of our conversation, we reminisced on random memories and mutual classmates. 462 more words

Personal Blues

Stress and the Human Genome

Although it may not seem so, stress is a natural phenomenon that keeps us alive. You may think of stress like the pressure from a deadline at work or paying bills on time, but stress is in fact much more than that. 515 more words