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Hey you!

Hey you! I think you didn’t

Notice the buzz making me

have an adrenaline rush to

get to see you.

Hey you! Still there clogging… 169 more words


on fire

You will be tested by the fire of your own passions.

What burns in you?


Testing tends to purify the tested.

Let the test refine you. 10 more words


Atrocious Four.

Alas, I didn’t see it coming. A great pang of disappointment, real sharp stung as when it came and took its place.
After all, it was the consequence that you had to take, wasn’t it? 245 more words


WordPress, I loathe you!!

You have no fucking idea! I’ve been blogging here 5 1/2 + years … yet, it’s all I can do keeping me from quitting yer sorry ass! 37 more words


Aaaaaaah S@#$% !!

So the other day, I saw a guy fish his nose with such passion. Guys, I don’t make this stuff up! He fished his nose up until the point he closed his eyes… He-closed-his-eyes. 308 more words

This Is Me

Loathly London - List of 36 Things We Loathe About London

Rush Hour on the Central Line

If you manage to squeeze in the infamous Central line during rush hour, you’ll be unluckily enough to have your personal space completely invaded. 1,436 more words



That evening at the parking lot, I stared at him in reverence. I did not know what I was getting myself into. I wanted to do it anyway. 3,144 more words