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Livin' Large Loaded Fries

‘Murica. They sometimes get things right. Like marriage equality. Good work guys. The other thing they absolutely smash is French Fries. So today, in honour of our ‘Murican friends, we be Living Large. 379 more words


Page One Engine Review: Inside Page One Engine

What is Inside Page One Engine?
Page One Engine is loaded and perhaps the best you can have in 2015 and beyond. It is an All-In-One suite course that have 8 modules of training, tools & resources, Training and Private Blog Networks. 7 more words


oh! sweet nuthin'

Maybe the single most influential band in modern American music.

“Say a word for Charlemagne, he ain’t got nothing at all…” 


Thank F*** It's 2015

A lot of things have been conspiring, lately, to make me remember the nineties, and the experiences I had during those years.

I’ve just watched the return of TFI Friday on Channel 4 and I recently returned to the scene of my nineties ‘heyday’, if you can call it that, when I made a trip to Brighton. 1,169 more words

Thank God For My Computer-Smart Son

My son showed up, listened to my problem, and fixed it.  I had just loaded the “ready to install” part of the program; not the program itself.  6 more words

Mood swings, self-loving problems and relationship issues II

27/5/2015 Wednesday

Hey all!

How are you guys? :D

Well, I hope you’re feeling super duper great (or just an okay great)(whichever is fine). I’m not feeling too cool myself though :/ Well, for the past 3 days, I’ve been kinda sad, angry, pissed, happy, high, low, etc, where my emotions changes extremely quickly :/ Yeah… I even pms a lot on Kawaii-kun nowadays :( (and I feel super duper bad about it, but being the super nice guy he is, he keeps telling me it’s okay) 608 more words

When I say, "daily!" - you say, "eats!" #DailyEats

As much as I love being in college, my bank account hates me for it. Planning how to pay for things and working close to 40 hours a week makes one think about money a little more closely. 271 more words