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What Source Thinks and The Path of Least Resistance

I just watched this game-changing video about what Source thinks and the path of least resistance, as told by Abraham-Hicks. I have been thinking that I have eliminated so many limiting beliefs, so I’ve been wondering why certain things haven’t been moving forward with more positive momentum…and I knew deep down that I still have some resistance.   172 more words


Life with great ease

Life is supposed to be fun and easy. I practice high-flying vibration and I can see, how my life is changing little by little, every day. 119 more words


Í felulitum | A golden plover in my garden

♦ Fugl dagsins: Lóur kvökuðu í kuldanum á Melhaganum í dag. Það var frost og fjúk í lofti og værukærir Vesturbæjarkettir kúrðu inni, sem betur fer. 98 more words

Áslaug Jónsdóttir

Interacting with Debt

The liberty of having no debt is a privilege that few experience. Debt can be the noose that ends the financial future of some or the well-placed foundation that builds a business for others. 1,608 more words

Positive vibrations

In the end, I think we all have one goal. Being happy.

The definition of happiness however varies for most of us.

Does success equal happiness? 436 more words


How Do I Know if the LOA is Working

When I’m in synch and aligned with Source, I feel great!  I am clear minded and enjoying my life.  How do I know if the LOA is working?   324 more words


Face Not Reality! Part 1

Errm…excuse me life, but I have a blog to write you know? Having vowed (to myself) that I would post once a week this year, it has now been nearly 2 months since my last blog post. 967 more words