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Goats, Alpacas, Llamas and Ruminating

Are goats related to Alpacas and Llamas? Apparently not., but before you scamper off to read something more interesting consider this.

Llamas, alpacas and goats come from different scientific families and species, but all belong to the order of Artiodactyla and they share some characteristics. 183 more words


The Pack Alpaca

Another of my critters from the Dream Menagerie exhibition of 2014…the Pack Alpaca, with a zippered pocket to carry your stuff as you hike through the Andes of southern Peru… 114 more words

Stuff I've Made

Llama headphones

Sorry the blog has been a bit quiet but I am wading my way through the C16th glosses on my C15th chronicle. It’s a time-consuming business that leaves little time for any other photography or writing news. 36 more words


Bring your travels home with you

Make your new home a reflection of the unique you. Whether it be your college dorm or your first apartment, surround yourself in interesting pieces. Try not to replicate a Pottery Barn or Freedom catalogue, create an environment that inspires you to be you. 107 more words


A Llama And Goat Were Randomly Seen Walking The Streets Of A Small New York Town

Stephen Peterson was headed home after a long, tough work week. The only things standing in his way? Apparently a goat and a llama. No, this isn’t the beginning of a bad joke. 126 more words

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