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Finding sunshine and true warmth

What does warmth mean to you? Of course there is the literal warmth of the sun, like that these two llamas are soaking up in the photo above. 342 more words

A Reflective Life

Gained a Friend, Lost a Friend

Surprisingly, Como Se (Llama) has a new friend in romper room. We missed the show, but this morning the umbilical cord was still wet. Oh I hope they are both girls, but nevertheless, it’s name has to be Carl. 52 more words

Daily Grass

A visit to Olympic Game Farm

I am fairly infamous amongst my family in my dislike for zoos. When I was younger I was like any other kid in loving them (so I’m told), but as I grew older I started being a bit snide and calling them “animal jail,” and as an adult I’ve basically refused to go. 669 more words

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Today I went to an Alpaca Farm! (I still stink of Alpaca…)
We arrived and they gave us an Alpaca, then we went outside and walked for about an hour with our own Alpacas! 62 more words

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It Does Not End Well For This Blonde Lady Making Kissy Faces At A Llama

What did the llama say to the blonde who was making obnoxious kissy faces at it from the other side of the fence? I don’t want to spoil the punchline, even though you know it’s coming, but the payoff is just that much more worth it. Llama: 1, Blonde: 0.

(Via UK Metro)

Web Culture


It was about 10 years ago when ‘The Llama Thing’ started.  On my ‘old website’ I had written a bit about the children’s interest in llamas, this is an excerpt; 474 more words

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June's Lady in Ag

Here’s my first installment of June’s Lady in Ag. Susan raises llamas and has great insight on the agriculture industry, especially as a “non-traditional” producer. … 1,928 more words