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As far as I’m concerned, it’s been nothing short of an act of God that my precious mother has been able to continually take my son to school each day. 376 more words


Calling Y'all Out

FYI: The “C” Word = Cure

Okay – I’m in a “mood” at the moment…

Let me just start off by saying that even though there are a lot of us with Multiple Sclerosis… There is not ONE case that is EXACTLY the same… meaning what works for one person, does not work for another. 1,289 more words


Parenting with MS

I know a lot of women with MS discuss/question if they should have children after receiving their diagnosis of MS. Well, I can’t say that I had to ‘make’ that decision because I wasn’t diagnosed until after I had both of my boys. 825 more words


MS Snowflake

You’re probably wondering what in the world the title to this blog means… Well let me explain.

I’ve found that I try and explain to others that every individual with Multiple Sclerosis may have the same illness, but that doesn’t mean that we all deal with MS in the same way. 443 more words


Relief with Diagnosis

I know it sounds weird… but when I was diagnosed with MS in August 2010, I had a sense of relief wash over me. For one, I didn’t know what MS was when the words were spoken to me but also because I was thinking I had a brain tumor or something. 611 more words


MS Punching Bag

There is this popular article named the “Spoon Theory”… it was written by someone with Lupus, and trying to describe to her friend what it was like living with Lupus… while they were out at a restaurant. 754 more words