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My ideal home

Reading through Facebook today I found this posted by another Nourishing Minimalism, a blog I started following. It’s a repost from TreeHugger. I find this idea quite interesting because I have been saying for some time that if I could design a house I would do it around the space we use most. 743 more words


So, I took the whole words Spring Cleaning to a whole new level!!

I got antsy last night because my daughter had a play date/sleepover with a bestie and I did not make any plans because my mom friends never want to do anything.:) Truth be told, I didn’t want to either. 289 more words

Sometimes More Equals Less

This is a writing I did a while ago, but feel even though some things are not currently accurate (no, I did not just get back from up north and the ticks are not out quite yet), the thoughts and concepts all apply. 607 more words


Back To The Basics | Living Life With Less

Have you ever seen those programs about tiny houses? The ones where the people live in spaces under 500 square feet? If you haven’t – … 880 more words


Learning to Live with Less

Take a look around your home.  What do you see?  Is it filled to overflowing with the latest gadgetry, books, toys, clothing, kitchen equipment etc.  Is every surface of your home cluttered with pictures and ornaments that take hours of dusting? 1,220 more words

This Is Life

Living with Less

I took it upon myself to commit to Project 333, only to realize that I didn’t really want to.

Here is my closet in a state of complete disarray, this was as I was clearing it all out in order to organize and de-clutter. 607 more words

Inhabit - new documentary film

This looks like it could be a great film and especially relevant to the trip we are currently engaging in. In this four minute trailer, there are already some great takeaway quotes and things to ponder about the future of our planet and how permaculture principles are vital to our survival. 35 more words

Ethical Living