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Soul Naked in Sixty: Here and Now


This moment. Already fully blooming for you.

I ignore it so often. I push it aside. I’m too busy. Or too scared to feel into it fully. 98 more words

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Stress and Creativity

What does stress have to do with creativity?

Great question, since we may not initially see the connection.

Stress research is very clear here~ it is not the stress that matters, it is how we respond to it.   237 more words

Living With Intention

Creativity Tip~ Movement

This is a Big One.  It keeps coming up in my research through different disciplines and terminologies.   Basically, everyone agrees that we may cultivate insight and problem-solving within movement. 218 more words

Living With Intention

Living With Intention

We make a life by what we

give away.

For various reasons,

sometimes with awareness

sometimes not

we go though life,

erecting walls.

Our journey is richer… 62 more words

Creativity Tool~ Reverse Thinking

Reverse Thinking is a Reframing method.   It’s fairly easy to employ~ just reverse your language from negative to positive. Switch complaining or scarcity into a positive expression of desire.  146 more words

Living With Intention