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The Power of Setting Intentions

I had another spoken word performance last Thursday at AWAKE. I love performing there. It feels like going home. The AWAKE stage is the place where I first let my authentic voice be heard in LA. 948 more words


Gratitude List: 36 Wonderful Things for 36 Wonderful Years

Birthdays are one of my favorite things. They are a day that marks rebirth, renewal and staring over. It’s a time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the next year of this great life. 1,306 more words



When an idea recurs, pay attention, right?   This month it’s resilience.  In a conversation about aging gracefully, a friend  said, “I think it’s about resilience.”  In my creativity research, it came up with… 227 more words

Living With Intention

Spring Clearing

Last week was a doozy and Friday in particular. If you were feeling super charged and wacky (as was I) and if you have any doubt in why you were feeling that way, there is some astronomical science to it. 635 more words


Celebrating Today

May this day have been whatever kind of day you wanted it to be. It’s up to us how we’re going to feel, ya know? The people in our lives, the places we live, the vibes that pervade our environments, along with the thoughts and ideas we’ve learned and soaked up…it’s all going to have made us and continue to shape us as all those factors change…but really and truly, it’s up to us. 576 more words