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I lost my cool today.  I lost sight of the progress and got drawn into the big world of what’s left to do.  Sometimes it just seems like there is so much to be done and that I can’t keep up. 156 more words


Life is Too Short to Chase One Dream

I love symbols. I’m the type of person who naturally looks for metaphors and connections in all things, so I often use quotes and pictures as visual reminders of my goals. 537 more words

Daily Life

Today is the Day I Would Quit--Day 1

Have you ever quit before you started?  Today is day 1 of a few changes I’d like to make and I’ve already spent more time thinking up reasons NOT to change than doing anything differently.  570 more words


Monday on Tuesday

Today is Tuesday.  I haven’t really “accomplished” much (but I take hope in that the day is still relatively young).

Yesterday; however, was a good day.  188 more words


Today is 100 days since New Years Eve

The power of just one degree

Are you living with heat of feeling fully alive? Are you taking yourself and your life seriously enough, and do you give that extra percent to what really matters to you? 161 more words


So far, so great!

I’m making progress, slowly but surely.  Not done yet, but am committed to doing a bit each day.  As I “fix” a section of the studio space I am pulling up the old carpet and prepping it for the new flooring.  106 more words