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On Living with"Disabilities"..be like the palm tree, bend but don't break

Words have power, rather than say, “I have a disability” -Why not,“I have a condition”    When you learn there are things you can’t do anymore –    You may face:   *Denial    *Depression    *Embarrassment  *Giving Up              -Here’s a few tips that may help……..                                                                        398 more words


when everything you know changes.....

Well, as I was saying it’s a little scary when everything changes.  And the most scary  – was my life motto, that got me thru everything, … 276 more words


A Year Of Pictures - Day 166

Day 166 – 17/5/2015 – Happy Birthday Grandad!

I hope you had a lovely day because you deserve it!

At the end of last year non of us knew if you’d make it to today. 54 more words

A Year Of Pictures/ A Photograph A Day

Presentation Day

A few days ago, Wednesday,  Alexis had to give her senior presentation although she was nervous, she practiced a lot “I am not nervous” “What is the point in that”. 179 more words

Living With Disabilities

A Year Of Pictures - Day 165 

Day 165 – 16/5/2015 – Sorry it’s late, I’m really failing at being ‘punctual’ with these posts this week! I got so carried away looking through the contents of my old computer that I forgot to post a picture yesterday and by the time I remembered it was the early hours of the morning and I was half asleep! 297 more words

A Year Of Pictures/ A Photograph A Day

Challenging day... May 15, 2015

Today has been full of challenges, Alexis, has been emotional today. Every little thing has become a huge thing. Challenges come  with a conversation about Dreams... 359 more words


Alexis, My Sweet Precious Daughter

Alexis, My Sweet Precious Daughter

They laid you in my arms all tiny & new

Then god whispered in my ear

I have someone special for you…

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