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Day 257 "Watercourse"

You’d think that sleep would be my friend.
Like a lover she would seduce me,
lulling me into her black oblivion,
coaxing me into her ocean of darkness… 101 more words


You should have come sooner!

Today I’m annoyed.  Only since about October last year, eighteen months after Anna’s diagnosis, were we finally able to move beyond day-to-day survival; from never being sure from one day to the next whether she would feel well enough for school and her other activities.  732 more words

Children With Chronic Illness

Four Ways Chronic Illness Tempts Me to Lie

My 93-year-old dad calls me every day around six at night. Dad has Asberger’s, and to him the world is black and white.

To Dad, everything should have an answer that fits inside a box–especially my illness. 437 more words
My Life

Day 256 "Letters and Words"

Letters jostle for position
attempt to regroup
get detoured.

Frustration builds
and obstacles
pop-up –
cognition faltering.

Circuits are jumbled
pathways rerouting
patience exploding… 18 more words


One step forward, two steps back

Two months ago I made the decision to go back to work after having six weeks off due to an undiagnosed illness. I still wasn’t feeling well, but I didn’t have a choice, I needed to pay the bills. 425 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

...wait for it...

Sometimes I feel like a contractor building a demolished house from scratch.  Engineers and architects are being consulted, land surveys are being completed, plans are being designed and redesigned, and permits being applied for—all long before the first footer is ever poured. 282 more words

Life With PLS

This time last year, I left this post unpublished...

Jan. 26, 2014

Good news = This winter has not been as unhealthy as last year. Last year I was in bed for most of the winter, experiencing intense and daily pain, incredible fatigue and a sense that it would never end. 120 more words

Living With Chronic Illness