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Dump Truck

Cumbersome and heavyweight,
determination driving,
I roll with a shudder,
ignoring limitations,
promising caution,
pretending control.

Road blocks, detours,
and bustle –
everywhere bustle!
Unavoidable confusion. 90 more words


5 Types of People We All Meet Living With Chronic Illness

From skeptics to know-it-alls to helpers, here are the people you face as you live with fibromyalgia and how to deal with them.

No one knows your chronic illness better than you do, yet you find that everyone has an opinion about what you are going through. 234 more words

Living With Chronic Illness

The Link between Domestic Violence and Chronic Illness

Domestic abuse puts prolonged stress on the body, which can lead to all sorts of chronic diseases including fibromyalgia.

According to a global study, 30 percent of women are impacted by intimate partner, domestic or sexual abuse. 158 more words

Living With Chronic Illness

Positive v Negative

Maybe it’s because I’m having a really rough patch, or am hormonal and grumpy, but my Facebook feed is annoying the shit out of me lately.  763 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Weekly Roundup

I’ve had a strange week.  Up one minute down the next.  Not sleeping, still.  Rampant heartburn, which seriously gets me down.  Horrible stomach pains, which feels like my entire insides are on fire.  730 more words

Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Day 899: Waiting for the other ____ to drop

Rather than have you wait for the point of this post to drop, I’ll start by telling you that I hear this phrase a lot, in therapy sessions: 378 more words

Personal Growth

Being Hopeful in the Face of Chronic Illness

Learn how to hold on to hope even when faced with the challenges of a chronic illness

Ever since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia in 2007, I have wondered what keeps people hopeful in order to successfully cope with and overcome challenges that illness brings. 132 more words

Living With Chronic Illness