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Well, my MRI was totally clear and I start Physical Therapy on Thursday, 3 times a week for four weeks. I’m glad nothing horrible showed up but I was sort of hoping for a little pinch or something that would be an easy fix. 538 more words

Living Life

Do's and Do Not's Of Life

DO treat everyone and everything


DO NOT prejudge someone or something

based on their appearance.

DO accept everyone for who they are.

DO NOT… 62 more words

Living Life

Whom I Did Not Meet

Abide with me, O God—
Hold me in your Mother arms.
I am heavy with soulache;
My dulled heart is raw.
Wounds long lost now haunt me. 120 more words


Silence May Not Be Golden

So yesterday I posted to my Facebook a conversation that I had with a close friend about the rubber bands that I have laced around my wrist. 675 more words


The Way Into The Future: Letting Go Of The Past.

I had an unfortunate experience with my sibling the other day. After not seeing her for many months, we finally got together at a family 70th birthday party. 696 more words

Living Life

Say what?! I beg your pardon.

I read historical romance novels, whether they are considered classics like ‘Pride and Prejudice’, or contemporary offerings of historical romance from authors like Stephanie Laurens, Sabrina Jefferies, Anne Gracie or Sarah MacLean. 600 more words

Living Life

Day One?

I woke up with the song “Day One of the rest of my Life” on my brain:

Every single day your grace reminds me
That my best days are not behind me… 305 more words

Living Life