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I’m here to live my life

A tourist once got an insight into life from an old native who refused to sell him the twenty strings of onions he had for sale, even though the tourist offered him top dollar for the lot. 134 more words

Life's Journey

Quiz – Pick A Door to Your Future

This test has been shared around the web on a number of sites and incredibly it always receives very positive results.

All you need to do is take a look at the arches, then down the path it shows. 630 more words


Boy/Girl? M/F? The language of gender discourse.

Don’t be deceived by the use of boy/girl in the title of this post. There is no cause for alarm. I fully understand that those words are words that are not always welcome in trans or genderqueer discourse because they tend to refer to sex and not gender. 716 more words

Being Me


The proof is in the pudding.
I don’t need someone to buy things for me.
I don’t need someone else’s credit to help me out. 16 more words


There's No Such Thing As Retirement.

Retirement, as we knew it, is a thing of the past. People are living longer, so the old concept of retirement has changed. Do you realize that you will be old most of your lifetime? 301 more words

Living Life

As They Went (My Walk of Faith)

This week is a personal testimony of God’s faithfulness to His healing provision for us.  Before I tell you how God ministered healing to my body and revelation to my spirit on how to believe, I must give you some background information. 1,317 more words

Living Life

Beautiful: Intelligent: Worthy

Her gut wrenched as she felt the insidious negative thought plunge into her consciousness. She had been doing so well at keeping them at bay, and was actually feeling relatively happy. 1,765 more words

Human Condition