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Extinguishing the Arrow of Loneliness P2: Alone in Worthlessness and Sorrow

Strong, handsome, successful and powerful, King David was and still is revered as one of history’s great kings. Yet, this same David is resplendent in his failures and despair. 870 more words

From The Word

If We Really Experienced Gods Holiness

Isaiah was stood in the temple, probably the largest building he had ever been in. Then there was movement and spiritual beings entered crying out ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts’. 194 more words



Being asked to summarize  my Mom’s life within the confines of a few paragraphs is comparable to being shown the seven wonders of the world in one day, and then being asked to choose a single letter of the alphabet to describe your experience.   995 more words

Starry Night

A great song to remind of who we are living for. Praise be to God.

“Starry Night”
Chris August

From the birds that sing
In the tallest trees… 273 more words


Extinguishing the Arrow of Loneliness P1: We are made to be relational

People are afraid of being left alone. Driving to work the other night, I was struck by just how far the enemy’s arrows of loneliness have penetrated our hearts! 1,085 more words

The Face Of Jesus

We aren't called to be comfortable

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to the summer of 2013.. I was on my way to the University of Texas at Dallas with a full-ride scholarship, I had just graduated at the top of my class, and I was going to major in Biology so I could make all the money. 919 more words

Living For God

What Was The Difference?

“Religion is not the answer. Religion is the problem.”

This weekend I had an interesting conversation with a young woman who had a lot to say about “religion.”  Though she brought the conversation up, she said, ” I know you are religious, but I have some issues with religion.”  I laughed and said, “Nope, I am not religious at all.” 1,013 more words