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Holiness' Disposition

Holiness does not consist in this or that practice; it consists in a disposition of heart which makes us humble and little in the arms of God, well aware of our feebleness, but boldly confident in our Father’s goodness.

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"What I learned when I was stuck in an elevator..."

This is nice short story by Gabrielle Bernstein of her experience being stuck in an elevator with her husband.


Sanctity is Made for those who are Little

Sanctity is made for those who are little: that is, for those who accept to be carried in the arms of God. They discover in the love that God shows them who they are: sons and daughters of God.
Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger (1926–2007)


A Little Bird's Wings

Prayer is like the beating of the wings of a little bird which has been thrown out of its nest and needs help.
Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange OP (1877–1964)


No Pomp, No Show

How can he whose heart is given to the Infant Jesus bring himself to care for pomp and show? For those who love one another grow to resemble one another.
Saint John of Ávila


Technology and Detachment

Even the tiniest thread ties a little bird down. It is so little that the tiniest thing gets in the way and impairs it from flying. 228 more words

Thoughts And Writings

#22 ~ Quote of the Day - DESIRE

Your search is after something great enough to lose your littleness in.

– Ernest Holmes – This Thing Called You

Your desires and passions are indicators of what can be.

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