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Mr. Toot accuses Fox News of inciting a potential anti-Muslim attack

Once at the forefront of warning about the Islamic infiltration of America, Mr. Toot is now one of the biggest supporters of the Islamic cause. He is so in love with Islam, that when there are actions of threats against Muslims, he rises to their defense. 108 more words

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Muslims in Texas are in danger!

Once a fierce critic of Islam, Shiplord Kirel is now one of its biggest apologists. In what is becoming a normal activity for him, Kirel goes on a rant claiming that Muslims in Texas are in danger.

This guy is crazy!

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Name calling is all Mr. Toot can do

When it comes to debating skills, Mr. Toot has none. In a Twitter argument with Jim Treacher,  Charles resorts to name calling.

.@Green_Footballs Check the date, genius.

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Mr. Toot whines about Twitter trolls.

The once legendary music man Mr. Toot posts an article that vindicates his “man under siege” persona on Twitter.

The once world famous Toot player can’t stand criticism and wants to silence all who disagree with him.

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Paranoia Strikes Derp.

She described my journey through medical school but I guess she just sees through me💥 #tcothttp://t.co/y1umzvhRuN pic.twitter.com/OGmqsIWwma

— Scott Barbour (@drscott_atlanta) May 11, 2015…

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Mr. Toot

The song Mr. Toot by Ylvis describes Charles Johnson perfectly! It’s about a musician in Istanbul named Mr. Toot who has a large following due to his toot which is guitar/horn hybrid. 23 more words

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Obama is a Jerry Ford Republican!

This has to be one of the most idiotic comment I have seen at LGF.

Does this clown really believes this?

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