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Race Detective gives George Takei a pass

Star Trek actor George Takei called Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface” for dissenting in legalizing Gay Marriage. Normally, the Race Detective would condemn this statement and attack the person viciously. 19 more words

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Since when has the Obese anti-Christian bigot cared about Churches?

There have been a few Black churches in the south that have been victims of arson in recent weeks. Some assume it’s white supremacists angry over the rebel flag controversy, others like me believe it’s the Black Lives Matter crew and their White Hipster allies trying to incite a riot after their failure in Charleston. 72 more words

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The Race Detective orgasmic over finding a Nazi

The Race Detective continues to milk the Charleston shoot committed by Neo-Nazi Dylann Roof. The online Nazi hunter on a daily basis uses the shootings to score political points. 51 more words

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Not a computer guru

AFter being unemployed from the IT industry, it seems Mr. toot’s skills have eroded.

Argh. I'm trapped in a cascading computer problem nightmare.

— Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) …

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Mr. Toot in a new podcast

Our favorite internet obese societal moocher appears on Neo-Stalinist Bob Cesca’s podcast.

Notice the picture is of a fat kid eating ice cream? Is this a subliminal insult on the part of Cesca against Charles?

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A conspiracy theorist that the corpulent has-been blogger and his Trotskyite minions can get behind

Let’s see, Juan Cole blames Jews, Robert Spencer, Geert Widlers, Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes and Bugs Bunny for the Charleston massacre. Is he cribbing from Shiplord Kirel, Kragar (Proud to be a dhimmi), and Alouette? 236 more words

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That darn 2nd Amendment!

Mr. Toot who claims to have own a Mossberg, but gave it up wants Americans to disarm

The speed with which the Confederate flag is being renounced gives me hope that the same thing may be possible with guns at some point.

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