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Hillary in trouble, Charles to the rescue!

Always wanting to play the role of hero, Charles gets involved in the Clinton email story. Not surprisingly, Charles comes to Hillary’s defense.

Right wing bloggers are going to be abysmally stupid for the next couple of weeks over the Hillary Clinton fake outrage.

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Charles Johnson: "I'm still a supporter of Israel."

I am convinced Charles suffers from some memory loss issue. He tweeted today that he still supports Israel, despite that nation going “far right.”

I’m still a supporter of Israel.

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Stalk much, Charles?

Heh. Charles has been harassing Glenn Greenwald since 2006, and he’s still cranking on about a dead man and an updated bar chart.

Charles, you so funny.

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Charles wants gotcha questions

As one of the moderators at the Republican Presidential debates, Hugh Hewitt will not ask any gotcha questions on evolution. Charles is livid about this and goes on a self-righteous rant. 7 more words

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Tweet of the Day

Hahaha what a disgusting obese slob RT @Green_Footballs: In case you were wondering what @ChuckCJohnson looks like pic.twitter.com/jBdwVkXwe3

— TortiousTroll (@TortiousTroll) February 28, 2015…

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7 years?; Update: Thanks for the publicity Charles!

Charles played the man under siege role today on Twitter. He took at this blog and made a very inaccurate statement.

I love it when people who run a vile right wing site dedicated entirely to hating me 24/7 for 7 years say I’m “the real stalker.” lol…

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Rightwingconspirator: "I’m embarrassed as an American."

The former “Rightwingconspirator” now known as the Great White Snark claims to be ashamed of being an American. He is angry that some people think Obama is a Muslim. 121 more words

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