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Bergdahl to face desertion charges.

In a another defeat for Charles, Bergdahl will face charges of desertion.

WASHINGTON—The U.S. army sergeant who abandoned his post in Afghanistan and was held captive by the Taliban for five years will be court-martialed on charges of desertion and avoiding military service, a U.S.

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Charles calls ChenZhen: "obsessed stalker"

Charles’ Twitter theater was iun full swing today as the fat blog we love to mock, engaged in a losing arguments with Steve Goddard. ChenZhen appeared on the timeline to mock the washed up musician’s record of being wrong. 42 more words

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Race Detective throws rocks from a glass house

The Race Detective makes a very audacious claim without providing any truth. Charles claims the Right hates Jews and Israel.

Fascinating to see the comments at right wing blogs about Cruz's "support Israel" comments.

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He who fights with the dead still ranting over Breitbart

Breitbart is on Charles Johnson’s mind for a 2nd day on Twitter.

I always have to laugh when right wingers act as if Andrew Breitbart was the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

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Breitbart is still on Jazzy the Ponytail's mind

it has been a few years now since Andrew Breitbart has passed way, but his legacy still lives on. For some, Bretbart is an admired figure who is still revered. 105 more words

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The return of the dreaded Flemish menace!

They are back, the dreaded Flemish menace returns! Charles Johnson links the Israeli PM Netanyhu to the Flemish threat.

Elements of Netanyahu's coalition have also been forging alliances with European fascist groups like Vlaams Belang and Front National.

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