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PROMPT: Your word is "weight."

His life had always been hard on him, fought him. For most of it, he had fought back. At some points, it seemed like he had taken the reigns. 329 more words


Chayanne: "Don't Cry For Me"

Years from now, when this little one looks at this picture, she will think, “I shouldn’t be crying, I’m in the arms of Chayanne!”  How many women would gladly exchange places with this baby!


All for nought?..

Before me lay few options. All poor choices. Out of them I made my decision. I would have to stop my time with Lady A to allow my first lady to understand her true value to me.. 730 more words

chuck e. cheese gno

While brother and Dad lived it up at Legofest, you and I (with Mammy’s help) played hard at Chuck E. Cheese. Your favorite, sis: the horse riding. 14 more words

Little Girl


Couldn’t resist getting a photograph of this little girl seen here accompanied by her doting nan. I was taken by the way she was so elegantly twirling this brightly coloured ‘My little pony’ parasol around  in an effort to shield her little face from the glare of the midday sun. 240 more words

The Streets



By Fault

Ended 11:21 PM

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“This was him?” The young girl holds up the faded photograph shakily. Awestruck by the youthful features of the man the woman use to know. 469 more words


How much?

From someone who would give you everything, how much can you ask for?

I cannot ask for anymore.

I cannot provide hope where I am unsure. 39 more words