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This is another one of those photos where we have no idea who is in the image.  It came from my great aunt’s belongings, and I would date it about 1920, but other than that, I haven’t a clue.  16 more words


Winning Over the Grumpy Old Cat

Every child deserves a pet.  Unfortunately, Julian’s pets are two old cats, one that is too scared to even leave the closet during the day and one that is too grumpy to do anything but hiss at him if he comes near her.   125 more words

Little Genius

My son is so smart. Yesterday I was playing with him in his room and started getting tired. I laid down on the floor and said. 110 more words


White Eyelashes

The lampshades are on fire. I feel it in my bones. My soul has disappeared and there’s a disaster in the sky. Hell reached her hand down from the cloud and ripped the trees from their roots. 30 more words