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Little-Bits Inspired Circuit

This week’s assignment!

“Take a good, clear picture of your journal log and post to your blog with a detailed description of your circuit. Use the same information from your journal.”

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"The Nasty Thing"

Lovers Beware: Dozens Detained for Doing ‘The Nasty Thing’ on Valentine’s Day.

Basically, the mayor of Surabaya ordered the police to search for unmarried couples doing “the nasty thing” during Valentine’s Day. 145 more words

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Internet Positif (2)

If you don’t know what Internet Positif is, check this post.

Today my friend posted an image that says “Google blocks Internet Positif” (Not a good translation). 101 more words

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You Can't Graduate If You're Not A Virgin (Girls Only)

The title is serious. A bunch of lawmakers in East Java are proposing it. They’re all men by the way.

Of course it’s for girls, testing virginity of boys is hard. 66 more words

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Created by Sarah Bednar, Scott Collins, Shushma Gudla, and Soumya Vhasure

We created a simple massaging device that one can easily use to relax any bodily tension.  102 more words

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A Muslim cleric declared that selfie is a sin. Among some of his reasons scattered online, this one got my attention

3. bila kita selfie, mencari pose terbaik, memilih-memilah, lalu takjub dan kagum dengan diri kita | khawatir itu sudah termasuk UJUB…

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Number Love (little bit)

This is a bit longer than a little bit but I’m still going to put it in that category. This is written to cheer up missron80 who requested a sexy librarian story. 2,722 more words

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