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City of Lancaster's RTKL Disclosures Regarding It's Unlawful Defense Fund, Including the Mayor's Chief of Staff "Need[s] Dope"

As most of our viewers are aware, on February 25, 2015, I submitted a Right to Know Law (RTKL) Request on the City of Lancaster in relation to the litigation of NRA v. 1,076 more words

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DePuy Pinnacle Hip Lawsuits: Federal Litigation Amends Case Management Order to Allow for Joinder of Unrelated Claims

DePuy Pinnacle Hip Suits: Federal Litigation Amends Case Management Order to Permit Joinder of Unassociated Claims
Bernstein Liebhard LLP is representing hundreds of clientels who have submitted Depuy Peak suits in the federal multidistrict litigation underway in the Northern District of…

E-Book Antitrust Monitor Says Apple Cooperation Has 'Sharply Declined'

Apple’s cooperation with a court-appointed monitor has “sharply declined” as he reviews the iPad maker’s antitrust compliance policies, the monitor wrote in a report to a judge. 368 more words


Is The Bucket Of Nuts And Bolts You Drive Sentient?

It doesn’t matter what means of transportation you use to get around, you’re at the mercy of mechanisms.

Mechanics – and I’m not talking about the guys and gals that spin the wrenches at your local repair shop – is all about the parts of a particular gadget which have been envisioned by one or a group of our fellow hominids, then painstakingly manufactured and assembled for sale to the rest of us terrestrials. 339 more words


For confused Dallas Buyers Club downloaders, New Zealand might show the way

If you downloaded Dallas Buyers Club in 2014 then you might have been left feeling frustrated and confused by the many contradictory media reports floating around last week. 1,607 more words


How to Obtain a TRO in Collin County:  E-Filing and New Local Rules

E-filing and the adoption of new local rules has changed how you go about obtaining a temporary restraining order (“TRO”) in the Collin County District Courts.  816 more words