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My last post, definitely PTSD

Ok, my last post, definitely PTSD. I react just as wildly as my son does to his problems. I react with the unbridled fear of losing him. 243 more words


Caps, KERS, and Burning Boeings

Initial opinion was that the horrific fire in the Williams garage after the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix on 13 May 2012 originated in the KERS inside one of the race cars, as did a second (thankfully more minor) fire the following July. 609 more words


Ill....and In Denial

I’ve been in something like denial the last few weeks, months even, about the state of my health, I have been trying to do my normal things- writing (as best I could), meeting friends, even going on the occasional date. 309 more words

Mental Health

Meds; to take or not to take when pregnant, that is the question

There are obvious risks associated with taking psychotropic medication in pregnancy and during breast feeding. There is also an increased risk of Postpartum Psychosis if the mother has previously experienced any form of mental illness. 498 more words


When the heart wants change, at any cost

I had an appointment with my psychiatrist today up at the psych hospital, and it’s made me realise that I need to have a really good think about meds – about my expectations of them, and expectations of my psychiatrist, and how I can end up working against myself. 420 more words


General Update #2

I’m still taking 375mg of Lithium, as I have been for a few weeks now (I should really write down when exactly I start meds and increase/decrease them…), and though side effects seem to have subsided a bit, I’m still having intestinal issues and nausea. 394 more words


Dancing with Cobain

Nothing makes you appreciate the ground like looking out the window of an airplane. It’s hard to ignore the fact there is less than 15cm of material separating me from the outside sky and at any moment technical difficulties can result in a lethal free fall. 1,255 more words

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