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Choice of the Heart

Most of the times, there is more than one choice in our life; and it matters how those decisions are taken. All the time, the self-proclaimed people keeps asking us to take decisions from the mind instead of the heart. 678 more words


Questions of Morality

The opening scene of a novel is a very powerful and important scene. It sets the reader up with the necessary information for the story to begin, introducing us to the main character and begging the initial question, ‘Do you like him?’ Most of the time, we don’t catch the full importance of the opening scene, which is why, more often than not, I end up re-reading it right after I’ve finished the novel. 2,090 more words


[P.J]-Chapter 1

I had seen game play videos before and my father had shown me a fair amount of concept art but nothing could have prepared me for the real thing. 3,699 more words



Don’t go. Stay.
The night is deeper
when your voice remains inside my voice
and our eyes stare at
demons stalking, stealthy,
in the middle of the mist. 125 more words


Ian McEwan - Atonement

There are two competing novels here. One is driven by a character’s flaw and how it brought her to do a terrible thing. The other is a manipulative, Shawsank Redemption-like tale where the author takes a character who has it made and puts a lot of external troubles on it in order to make us sympathize. 826 more words


Sledgehammer Literature

Sledgehammer literature is a phenomenon in modern publications of over-the-top manipulation of emotions or actions in the text to elicit a reciprocal visceral response from the reader. 324 more words


International Literature Festival Dublin

Formerly known as the Dublin Writers Festival, the International Literature Festival Dublin will take place from May 16-24.

It was founded in 1998 and features readings, discussions, debates,workshops, performance and screenings. 38 more words