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3 Book Adaptations that Actually Rock

I’m sure I’m not the only reader who has felt betrayed by a bad movie or TV adaptation of a favorite book (The SyFy Earthsea… 607 more words


Sensory Tsunami Part 1 of 5: Taste

Okay, so we had to do this for class. Eat a meal quietly for 15 minutes, focus on the tastes and textures and then be descriptive about the whole ordeal. 207 more words


Open Letter to a Bookstore

Dear ,

I was at your  location on Monday, May 4, and my browsing took me to the African American History section. I’m a writer working on a new project, and I wanted to see if you had any resources. 585 more words


Climate of Change: Teaching Ian McEwan's 'Solar'

Climate change is very much on the agenda in the arts and humanities (perhaps belatedly so), with research projects like the AHRC-funded Stories of Change: Exploring Energy and Community… 1,266 more words



They write to me and I don’t answer,
they make a comment and I give a shit.
I weave thoughts, I write
a sort of verses… 258 more words


behaving badly

The debate still rages on since the remarks made at Franschhoek Lietarry Festival (South Africa). Anger has been vented. Replies have been given. Articles have been written. 102 more words


wole soyinka dismisses claims

‘A chair of beauty is a joy forever’. ( a bit of Keats)

Poetry is a dangerous passtime.
To wield words like a sword.
To confront your opp0nent. 86 more words