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My list of top depressing quotes

Anything around us affects us so easily. An artwork can make you feel relaxed while waiting for your turn with the doctor. Music can make you want to dance or cry. 1,016 more words


On Flow and Foundation

It’s been a busy month, lots of writing, reading and thinking, the latter mostly about the future. I feel as if on the edge of a precipice, or a bridge, poised to cross over into a new life that is very slowly coming into focus, like a landscape under a receding fog. 578 more words


why being a good writer is not enough

One of the members of the jury of the Cain Prize for African Literature is the man from Zimbabwe, Brian Chikwava. In this article he writes about what makes people tick when they read a short story. 16 more words


Dream Love -Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Dream Love

Young Love lies sleeping
In May-time of the year,
Among the lilies,
Lapped in the tender light:
White lambs come grazing,
White doves come building there: 248 more words


Terra Incognita (part two)

It was almost dark, the sky had a beautiful reddish hue, and through the window, and thanks to the contrast between sky and earth that always took place during the evening, it could be distinguished, very far away, the roofs of Manila, the roads and the fishing villages that abound along the long bay and, further still, the mountainous hinterland and the two huge volcanoes placed north and south, in Bataan and Cavite respectively, closing the huge natural harbor from the Indian Ocean. 3,736 more words


Recycled Moments

A recycled moment.
For more poetic snippets and writing progress visit my Page.

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PwrPuffGzr Writes

Guess Ahab Just Really Hated That Whale, Huh?

…split your lungs with blood and thunder, when you see the white whale…

There are but a few things I take very seriously in my life, one of them is my pretension.

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