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My Book on Dementia

Just a short blog this Friday – to let all my readers know that, until the end of tomorrow, you can get my book on dementia care for free on amazon: 324 more words


God Is...

All things. Us. We.

God is my attitude when I’m firm in my opinion and make it my truth. God is truth

God is the occasional tear I shed after discovering God in my voice as I sing God. 102 more words



Your love is like stardust settling on the face of the moon
Angel O’ mine! I am enamored by your covalence
I’m sorry if I keep on obsessing about your essence… 139 more words


10 Things I Wish I Could Re-Experience For The First Time

We all have them – whether it be the birth of your child (I don’t have kids, but personally – that is something I feel like I’d only be down to go through once), or reading a great book. 557 more words


She Don't Know (Song) - Katie Heniser

This is a song I wrote at the beginning(ish) of last year…my friend, Dragon, let me use her recording stuff.

I hope you enjoy.


Naked Secrets - Read Between The Lines

“A country destroys itself from within, not without,” Joe said as he stood next to his lawyer.

“How do you plead?” the judge asked.

“Not guilty.” With a slight smile on his face, he turned around to face two men that were seated at the back. 77 more words

10 Books From My Childhood and Adolescence

1. Just Kids, Patti Smith – It became my favourite book within the first two paragraphs, and has remained that way since I read it for the first time. 879 more words