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Hello world! I am pleased to announce . . .

Free Thought Writing is up and running and ready to conduct some awesome writing workshops this summer! We’ll focus on writing sessions for middle school students as a way to get those creative juices flowing and to give each participant a voice through their own writing. 99 more words


"Johnathan, The British Beauty"

Hey guys enjoy my short story:-)

Oh my gosh, I’m so late! Kaya shouts as she scurries out the door. Her fluorescent yellow pumps click clacking all the way down the stairs to the lobby. 607 more words


As a Commuter

Do you consider yourself as a master commuter? If you know you do then here’s a few points you can consider but if you don’t or haven’t commuted ever at all, then this could be helpful. 285 more words


For Literacy’s Sake! Meet our Preferred Literacy Vendor, American Reading Company

Batman and Robin. Mac and cheese. Literacy and great books. Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Take add.a.lingua’s work with… 303 more words

zig zag

Plugged in to a morning power
walk, the eternal question
buzzes through ear buds:

“Where were you
while we were getting high?”

Caffeine and endorphins… 211 more words

Frontier College

Only once in my life
Have I embarked on an unexpected journey
To a place so foreign, so different
And only once in my life… 133 more words


Every little bit helps.

I’ve always believed that how we look after the vulnerable is the essence of a civilised society, hence my career in psychology and my interest in promoting wellbeing. 803 more words

Educational Success