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Literacy Beyond Literacy: A Civil Society Engagement, Dr. Robert Zuber

Editor’s Note:  These remarks were given at the Leonard Tourne Gallery in New York City, run by longtime friends of our office, which recently featured the art of Christel Ibsen who graciously arranged for this discussion.  648 more words

Beyond Batman

It was the Classics Illustrated Robinson Crusoe that captured my six year old son’s imagination. Filled with swords and shooting, pictures of Crusoe’s nightmarish hallucinations and a gory melee with a band of “cannibals,” it brought all the fruit forbidden in a liberal 21st century household to his nightstand in glorious technicolor. 394 more words


Reproductive Health Vouchers: A New Approach Towards Women's Healthcare

Cambodia suffers from one of the poorest maternal health indicators in Asia due to years of war, genocide, and occupation. The country has the second highest maternal mortality ratio in the region with an estimated 266 deaths per 100,000 live births (Brody, et al. 489 more words


Literacy and Math Skills

According to List of Countries by Literacy Rate, the country of Norway has a literacy rate of 100%.

After reading this I was struck by a strange thought.  58 more words


I Speak for Mother Earth

Today was Arbor Day so we finished up our activities on sustainability and taking care of the environment.  We watched the modern version of The Lorax movie and wrote letters to mother earth.   11 more words


11 Times I Became A More Complex Organism

1. The time a fertilized egg split into two identical cells inside my mother.

2. The time I realized those interesting wiggling things were attached to me and that I was the one making them wiggle. 194 more words

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