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Can Someone Photoshop the Eiffel Tower Under My Finger? (40 Photos)

It was a seemingly harmless request. Like so many tourists before him, Sid Frisjes took a photo near the Eiffel Tower. His attempt to place his finger atop the iconic structure fell short but he posted the photo to Instagram anyway. 231 more words


How to Deal with Bad Customer Service

My recent unpleasant encounter at Wells Fargo inspired me to write a post about how to handle the bitchy customer service representative. Whether over the phone or in person, they abound. 510 more words


15 Mind Blowing Riddles

Can you answer all 15 of these riddles?

  1. What is so fragile, even saying its name can break it?
  2. I am invisible, weigh nothing, and if you put me in a barrel, it will become lighter.
  3. 232 more words

"Snips of the Tongue" -- Harry Mathews

“Snips of the Tongue”


Harry Mathews

from Selected Declarations of Independence

Once burned, twice snide


Every drug has its day


The road to help is paved with good intentions… 67 more words


No More Dying Then*

“I think I’ll leave this toothbrush here,” Seb says as he packs his belongings in preparation for leaving.

“So you’re coming back then,” I say, pulling on my fat-burning trousers. 369 more words

Fun Game: Indie Band or Kentucky Derby Horse?

Topical humor time: I compiled a list of indie band names and monikers of horses that have participated in the Kentucky Derby over its 141 year run. 474 more words


Autobiographical Order: The First 100

Before we move on to the next batch of Autobiographical Order records and stories, I thought I’d give everyone a chance to catch up on anything they might have missed. 457 more words