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TED talk: Sir Ken Robinson, How schools kill creativity

This is another TED Talk lesson, this time based around Sir Ken Robinson’s fascinating talk on creativity in the education system. Please find an annotated transcript below. 39 more words


Fathers, enjoy the now

Fathers, enjoy the now.

“Your presence as a father, as a man, is completely different than what they experience from the mother as a woman, so make it special.” ~ Derek Markham, APtly Said, Attachment Parenting International


What music do I listen to?

Trick question! I don’t listen to music. I prefer to read!

Aggy, however, was pretty into this new music composed specifically for cats.

The day I Finally Read the Lyrics

I’m the type of person that listen to a song just because it sounds good. If I like how the vocals and instruments mesh, I’m probably not paying attention to the words. 731 more words


Interactive session with Don Sinclair

A recent session with Don Sinclair at the York University Digital Media lab: trying out an interface for interactive performance. And wearing hats since the winter deep freeze was keeping that large space kind of chilly. 277 more words


Uncomfortable with Mental Health?

Evening Y’All!

I’m sitting here trying to work out the best way to write this blog, its a challenging one to write I thinkĀ 

I could tell you all about the stats that are out there: 1,414 more words

How To Deal With Loud Environments

My brother invited me to go to the Chicago Bulls game last night. Man, what a great game. They were losing the entire game until the last couple minutes. 581 more words