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Guards! Guards!, Men at Arms and Feet of Clay - Terry Pratchett, Audible review

Terry Pratchett is the reason I write. When I first picked up a copy of Small Gods in the Isle of Man, many, many years ago, it was the first book that I’d read that held my attention, and made me want to sit in and read rather than going into the sun and enjoying the holiday with my folks. 773 more words



As fear reaches its fevered pitch

We become convinced

That nothing is more important

We are deferred by the extremes of the external,

Ending in betrayal and abandonment… 24 more words



Start now.


Don’t wait  to move on

You’ll  come to understand

A still point within.

Stand witness to it,

We are not our fear, nor desires- 6 more words


Inviting the quiet


My father could hear a little animal step,
or a moth in the dark against the screen,
and every far sound called the listening out… 161 more words



Avidya the source of all our discontent-

Focusing only on ourselves

Doubting the truth of one’s soul.

Under the guise of worry, anger, pain-

Darkness. 17 more words


breadth in understanding

FIRST. Today is a momentous day in history. Today same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. Yes for equality, and yes for LGBTQ voice and movement as they've won a battle fought for many decades.  1,189 more words


Asmita is a self centered fear.

Controlling, containing-

The ego’s grip.

Let go and

The conditional responses fall away.