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Top Nine Episodes of The X-Files

In light of recent events leading to a supposed continuation of The X-Files next year (in truncated, six episode form however),  everyone can’t get enough dissecting the strangest cult-show turned multimedia cultural extravaganza ever to grace the small screen. 2,637 more words


U.S.A - Cuba disagrees

Granma (Cuba).


Reconocen que Cuba nunca debió estar en lista de países patrocinadores del terrorismo

La prensa estadounidense también destacó la decisión de Washington, al afirmar que constituye un paso crucial en el esfuerzo del presidente Obama para pasar la página en un conflicto de la Guerra Fría… 2,626 more words


Losing And Regaining Your First Love

Did you once enjoy spending time with Jesus and now feel that it is a drag? Do you wonder why you feel this way? Prayerfully read the list in the link below. 126 more words

Spiritual Fasting

50 inner thoughts of being home alone.

We’ve all been there…you’re home alone, alone with your thoughts and you realise that actually you might be a little crazy…

1. Ahhh the weekend, a day to fully enjoy my own company, chill out and relax! 571 more words


A list of wrong doings.

So I have done something wrong, something that has left him “hurt, upset and disappointed” … I have never been as honest with him as I have been In recent months… And so I genuinely don’t know what I’ve done, I’ve been racking my brain all day and I’ve come up with a list of possible things but none of them seem bad enough to evoke such a reaction from him… If bad at all…But who knows? 48 more words


Summer Concert Series tickets go on sale; 11 shows sell out in first two hours

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Tickets for Frederick Meijer Garden’s Summer Concert Series went on sale to members Saturday morning, with many of them quickly selling out. 102 more words


Dos and Don'ts for Expat Family & Friends

Chances are, you might know someone who has uprooted themselves and relocated to a foreign country. Depending on the strength of your connection to that person, your reaction may vary from vaguely annoyed/impressed, to overly thrilled/depressed at the prospect of their new life. 537 more words