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Years ago, around 1995-1997 or so, I was bored and wanted to play with my laptop.  Type something.  That was, and still is, part of my idea of fun.   413 more words

In case you haven't heard... Fri. May 29 Song Suggestions List

The world is filled with great music – it’s damn impossible to keep on top of every great album that comes out these days, not to mention the insane mountain of stuff that’s been released already. 390 more words


How to Feel Better

  1. Get up and get out. No more wallowing like a sad lump.
  2. Take a shower, and cry if you need to. You’re getting wet anyways–who cares about a few more drops of water??
  3. 222 more words

Five Food Essentials for any Convention

If the sundresses, smorgasburgs, and countless instances of walking onto a subway car and thinking oh my God, who let the sweat cows out of confinement… 1,132 more words


The Hospital Bags

Here are a few lists and tips that you could use for preparing those bags. Don’t over think it. I know and I understand how stressful these things can be. 894 more words


5 Funny Photos Explaining the Difference Between Orlando and Disney

When non-Floridians hear Orlando, they immediately think of Walt Disney World. Today, on Facebook, I noticed photos my friend Erin Nolan posted. These photos explain the difference between the two. 24 more words